His, Mine, and Ours

Gaige, through and through, is a Daddy’s girl. Maybe it’s because she (wrongly) believes that he was the one that saved her life. I’ve written about how we came to the ‘decision‘ to keep her, and also written about the bond that they share. Let’s just say that I know where I stand in J’s life, and that’s in a line behind quite a few other women (Gaige, Holly the Camaro, etc etc). I know that to get Gaige to do what I want her to do, I’m most successful if I just ask Jonathan to make the request. What a diva!



Then there is Tonka. I wrote a long letter to him here, where I explained our whole past and all he has done for me. He is my heart dog, to put it lightly. Some may call it separation anxiety, but I prefer to consider it mutual adoration. He mirrors my movements and shadows my steps, moving through life as though we were connected by an invisible string. A flick of my wrist or a nod of my head is often all that I need to communicate my wishes to him. From the beginning, he has been uniquely intuitive of my next step or impending mood. Talk about a confidence booster… he makes me feel as though I hung the moon! (Or at least keep the treats, right?)




Helping me study


Finally, we come to Georgia. I think what we both love most about her is that she adores us both equally. She listens (or doesn’t listen) to us both at the same regularity (or irregularity). She sometimes comes to us when she is called, but it has less to do with who the caller is, than it does what sort of treat we have in our hand. You could say she is only food-motivated, but we prefer to think that she just doesn’t play favorites. She also believes that we each taste equally delicious, and kisses abound for both. Happy Gotcha Day to the only dog that loves us both with equal passion and fervor! You came into our lives (approximately?) one year ago today, and our lives have changed forever! You were the little brown dog we never knew we needed, but who desperately needed us. You have made our family complete, and only deepened our passion for helping the underdogs of the world. You are gentle and sweet, yet playful and goofy. No dog could we replace you, and we know that Gaige and Tonka agree. You are our clown, our cuddlebug, and even our home defender, and we wouldn’t trade you for all of the riches in the world!




As always, many millions of thanks to A Positive Promise pit bull Foundation for bringing this superstar into our lives!

So, we wanna know. Do your dogs play favorites? Are you the queen bee in your house, or does Dad rule the roost?

(Disclaimer: We all love all of our dogs equally, and take equal responsibility and ownership for all 3!)

8 thoughts on “His, Mine, and Ours

  1. I really shouldn’t brag…but I will! While all three pups adore Dad, I am most certainly the “favorite”. For about three years it was just me and Buddy, then we saved Tag and it was just the three of us for a couple more years, and then Rich came along. By that point our bonds were stronger than steel though. And then came Maggie. Rich was gone for the first three months that I had her and since I’m pretty sure I’m the first person she has ever trusted, it’s safe to say our bond is just as strong as the one between me, Buddy, and Tag. It happened fast but with such ferocity that nothing can come between it. But we all love Rich and the dogs are just as happy to cuddle up with him as they are with me!

    Happy Gotcha Day Georgia! I love that you have been adopted by the best family possible. You deserve it, girl. Soak up all the lovin’ and cuddlin’ and keep your family rootin’ for the underdogs! xoxooo

  2. I think we definitely have his & hers. Edi listens to me better than Tess listens to Sam – men then to be too stern and scare her! – but Edi definitely is more excited to see Sam. I took the two of them for a walk and Sam came walking up to us…I thought Ed was going to pull my arm out of its socket trying to get to him!

    Congrats on the 1 year of Georgia! I can’t believe it’s bee one year already!

  3. That’s so sweet! Happy gotcha day to Georgia! Being the only steady person in my dogs’ lives, I can’t really say who they favor but my mom always says Norman is a momma’s boy and I know I’m the only person Kaya listens to but luckily they enjoy other people too!

  4. Great post. My husband was excited this morning because our new (and only) dog last night stayed downstairs with him watching TV instead of heading up to bed with me like he usually does. Our guy seems to divide his attentions between us for the most part. Sometimes he seems to think I’m the centre of the universe, but he knows with husband he’ll get to do fun things like “speak” and share snacks and go for the long walks, so there’s also undying affection headed in that direction.

  5. Happy Gotcha Day, Georgia!!! My house is quite similar. Our first dog, Cooper, is a mama’s boy. We have a very strong attachment to each other. Our second dog, June, is a daddy’s girl. Our third dog was our foster failure, Willa, and she loves us both, but I think she leans towards me! 🙂

  6. My dogs definitely know I’m in charge but it most of them also have their own special ‘crushes’. Nandy is a sucker for my youngest son, Mr B follows my oldest son around with teen girl love eyes, and Doodle is my shadow/velcro/heart dog. We do work very hard to ensure that they all listen to every human in the house though, not just their favorite 😉

    Happy Gotcha Day!

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