Adventure Pack Giveaway!

Our handsome model Tonka has an awesome giveaway to share with you all today!

The Purina Frosty Paws Summer Adventure Pack!

DSC_0009A representative of Frosty Paws contacted us a few weeks ago to ask if we would be willing to do a giveaway on the blog. While we only reserve the Frosty Paws treats for very special occasions (just like we do sweets for ourselves!) we were honored that they reached out to us! They were not specific about what they would be sending, which made it all the more exciting to receive such incredible items!

DSC_0012The bag is a 5-pocket backpack (for humans) made of a durable material perfect for wherever your next adventure awaits… be it sandy, wet, or even frosty, this bag will make it through unscathed. The interior is an insulated, lined cooler, perfect for easy cleaning, keeping your belongings dry, and if need be, cool as well.


DSC_0014Next up is the dog bone-shaped doggie bag holder!

DSC_0035Tonka-Tue was sure that this was, in fact, a treat dispenser. Unfortunately for him, he was wrong.


"How do we get the treats out, Mom?"

“How do we get the treats out, Mom?”

You may have noticed the taco-shaped item in the photo above. Any guesses as to what that might be?

DSC_0038DSC_0037DSC_0036A portable dog bowl, of course! We all know how important good nutrition and hydration can be while embarking on new adventures… the same is true for your pup!

DSC_0034Along those lines, they also included this awesome dog water bottle. It is a stainless steel (BPA-free) water bottle, and features a little steel ball-bearing inside that allows the water to drip out when your pooch licks it, to quench his or her thirst! Of course, it is also insulated, keeping the liquid at a comfortable temperature.

DSC_0039Finally, this sandwich-sized plastic container boasts a gel-like interior that freezes at low temperatures! It is equal-parts lunchbox and ice pack!



“Does this mean you’re taking me somewhere fun? Preferably with water…”

The cherry on top (get it?!) is a coupon for a FREE box of Frosty Paws, in either Peanut Butter or Original flavor. It can be found in your grocer’s ice cream or pet food aisle.

photo 1

We just love Purina Frosty Paws for providing products to us and to our readers that encourage us to get out and enjoy adventures with our best friends! We can’t wait to see where these bags go! Each prize pack is a $64.99 value, and is only available to residents of the continental United States. To enter to win, the rules are below:

-Anyone who had previously commented on one of this week’s adventure posts (Adventure, Dog Bowl List, Luca Gets Around, and AFF) will automatically receive two entries!

-If you comment on today’s post, or one prior, you will receive one entry.

-If you send in a picture of a fun adventure with your pup, you will receive three entries! Photo must be taken specifically for this contest.

-If you share this post on facebook, you will receive five entries! (Be sure to go to our facebook page and click the share button, so that we can keep track of who participates!)

You have until Monday night at 11:59PM. We will announce the winners on Tuesday! Thanks for participating, and thanks again to Purina Frosty Paws!

Now get out there and enjoy this weekend with your dogs. They deserve it, and so do you!

Please know that while Frosty Paws contacted us to share this giveaway, we were not paid for this post. The thoughts and opinions expressed were entirely our own.
photo 3
photo 4



Wordless Wednesday: Luca Gets Around

Do you remember the sweet CharlieDog & Friends pups we gave away? Well, Little Luca was my favorite. I have always had a soft spot for white-faced pitties, and just because she’s stuffed, doesn’t mean she is any exception to that rule. So, it was really difficult for me to part with her. However, I know a special little girl who could use some extra love in her life. You can read more about her story, here. It turned out to be a match made in heaven. This little lady has never been one to hold onto toys, but Luca goes along with her on all of her adventures. Every. Where. Talk about positive pittie publicity!

PicMonkey Collage

7873_10200156964026331_507819771_n970220_10200157028867952_847215609_n970797_4924963001398_407481225_nAll photos in this post courtesy of SweeterSide Mom!

Wordless Wednesday: Pocket Pittie Snuggles

IMG_2957Check out this little cutie! ❤ We sent surprise packages out last week, filled with our Charliedog & Friends pocket pitties, to some very lucky friends!

In love with this little lady? Read her special story on her mama’s blog: The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood

How Mean is Your Pit Bull? : Contest Conclusion!

Most of you are well-aware that And Foster Makes Five has been holding a contest for the past few weeks. In the contest, we accepted silly photos of your pit bulls (or other ‘dangerous’ dogs) at their ‘meanest’. Each submission counted towards 1 pound of dog food, which we will be donating to a local shelter. Simultaneously, we edited these pictures and shared them on our blog and facebook pages. The photo with the most shares and likes would win an undisclosed prize… well, it’s finally time to announce our totals, our winners, and just what the lucky champions will be receiving!

A few of you may not have heard about our contest until it was too late, but you still wanted to send us some snapshots of your precious pups. We LOVED seeing these photos. Seriously, we think that the AFM5 readers and followers have a disproportionate amount of adorable dogs. It’s just not normal!! While we did not have enough time to edit and add some of these late-comers before the end of the contest, we still counted them towards the totals for the food donation… which was 40! Woo-hoo 🙂 We will be rounding up and making a 50 lb donation to a local Pittsburgh shelter.. stay tuned for that post next week.

There were 29 competitors in the facebook sharing contest. Each like counted towards 1 vote, while each share counted as FIVE votes! Here are our top entries, with impressive numbers!

Winner: Forrest – 125 votes!


Forrest is a big clown, who also happens to be a foster pup through LCPO, Georgia’s rescue! He is available for adoption, but until his forever family comes along, his foster family is loving every second of his adorable antics. He is approximately one year old, and was saved from death in the NYC ACC shelter system. He loves people, dogs, and cats, and while he is 100% house and crate-trained, he is a diligent student in obedience class. We love you Forrest! Thanks to his foster mom, Chrissa, for submitting this adorable photo.

Runner-Up: Oscar – 109 Votes!


You may recognize Oscar as the resident Super Dog over at Tails of a Foster Mom! Our friend Rebecca rescued him after the adoption of her beloved foster dog had left her heartbroken, and the rest is history. She received an email about this boy (known as Half-Pint, at the time!) who was slated for euthanasia, simply due to lack of space, and she knew she had to make him a part of their family. His growth was stunted due to severe malnutrition as a pup. While that leaves him with an eternal puppy presence, he certainly doesn’t let it slow him down! He has made a perfect addition to their family, and serves as a great friend and greeter for their revolving door of foster pups!

Honorable Mentions

These two were not at the top of the list as far as votes are concerned, but they were nevertheless two of my favorite submissions, for different reasons.


315646_364786986974775_721839060_nI have a soft spot for dogs (and their owners, of course!) who are pulled from NYC shelters, and Miss Midnight is no exception. She now lives out in Western NY, enjoying life as a country girl with her ‘big sister’ Babygirl, a rescued German Shepherd mix.



This photo needs no caption. I just can’t get over this shot! It is too adorable for words. You may recognize that sweet face as Norman, from My Two Pitties, along with his feline friend Marty. Too cute!

We thank everyone who made submissions, as well as those who liked and shared. We couldn’t have made this donation without all of you! … Well, okay, we could have. But it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun, and we wouldn’t have been spreading pit bull love throughout the interwebz while we did it!

You may remember that yesterday’s post featured our friends at CharlieDog and Friends. They are generously donating prizes to our contest winners! We couldn’t be more excited to partner with such an amazing organization. Be sure to check out yesterday’s post, and LIKE them on facebook. They deserve all of the support that they can get!

If you are one of the winners, please send your full name and mailing address to me (Stephanie) at:

We Need Your Help! Contest: Continued…

Hi there friends! We hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂 We got to spend lots of time outdoors with our pups… including an impromptu swim in the pond! I didn’t take my camera along, because as I said, it wasn’t exactly planned… dogs will be dogs, and all of that 😉 We were walking along on a sunny Sunday, and I guess the dogs had more adventurous activities in mind.

In other news, our contest is still in full swing, but nearing an end! For those of you that are late to the party, we are accepting photo submissions of your ‘dangerous’ dogs at their ‘meanest’… you know, licking you to death, stealing the covers, and aggressive snuggling. The usual.

contest01 contest02 contest03

Submissions must be received by Friday, April 26th, and can be sent to me at Most importantly, each submission will earn ONE pound of dog food, to be donated to a local animal shelter! Further, these photos will be placed one our facebook page. The most liked/shared photo will be our winner, and that will earn you and your pup some pretty cool prizes! Basically, your dog will be famous, and that means your adoring fans at AFM5 will send you swag. Does it get any better than that? I mean seriously, you’re helping to feed homeless dogs, while spreading pit bull love, and all you have to do is document your adorable dog being adorable. Easy, peasy.

To learn more about the precious pups you see here, head on over to our facebook page! (Right hand side of your screen!) While you’re there, be sure to vote for your favorites. If you’re wondering why, it’s because one random sharer will earn a prize as well!

While we our LOVING the photos you’ve sent us so far, and we have been completely blown away by all the squeezable, lovable, kissable faces and sassy, sweet antics, our current count is only up to 21… which equates to only 21 pounds of dog food! We know the local shelters need more than that, so please help to recruit for us!

Along those lines, we want our readers to help us select the local shelter where our food donation will be made. Let us know!

Animal Friends

The Animal Rescue League of Pittsburgh

Orphans of the Storm : This is a smaller, local shelter (no-kill!) that is where our niece-dog Chese (pronounced Kaysa) came from!

Tonka, Popster, and Chesa!

Tonka, Popster, and Chese!

Animal Protectors: This is where we got our kitty cat, Bella!


Butler County Humane Society: This is where it all started! I started volunteering here when I was just a little girl.

Let us know who and why! Ready, set, go…

Contest Continued!

A few new photo submissions to share! We have to admit, our readers seem to have a disproportionate amount of incredibly adorable pups. Head over to our facebook page to participate, learn more about each submission, and vote for your favorites… there just might be something in it for you! Have a great weekend, everyone 🙂

cont1 cont2 cont3 cont4 cont5 cont6 cont7