Wordless Wednesday: Princess and the Pea

While cleaning our house, I typically try to restrict the dogs to a room or two in order to have reasonable productivity. I’m sure you’ve all heard the joke that cleaning a house with dogs is like trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreos, and I tend to agree. Below is what it usually looks like… IMG_2521

There is a lot going on in that photo! But then, sometimes Georgia decides to get extra adorable.

IMG_2522With beds on beds on beds, I wonder if she can still feel the dog bone underneath? If not, we all know she can smell it 😉

Wordless Wednesday: Snugglin’ Sisters

DSC_0131I tell Foster Dad alllll the time that I think it should be illegal to be born into the world without a sister. Thankfully, I was blessed with the world’s most awesome brother, but while I’m sure he would kick some booty in my defense, he isn’t exactly into sharing gossip and clothes (although that never stopped me from stealing his hoodies!) Nevertheless, it makes me super happy to see that Georgia and Gaige have got the seester thing down pat.


DSC_0132This makes me laugh at rescue groups who have policies against adopting out dogs to families with pets of the same gender… if all groups had that policy, these two would be much more lonely!

Wordless Wednesday: Dog Dilemmas

Over a year ago now, we began discussing the process of fencing in our yard. Then more recently, we unveiled the new fence! We worked really hard to accumulate enough funds to purchase and install the fence, and it has honestly changed our lives. As you can see, the girls love nothing more than spending lazy days snoozing in the sun on the patio.



Most days, I have to bribe them to come in! However, not everyone is as happy about fence-life-living…

DSC_0003Can I please come inside, Mom? Why are you punishing me with your cruel separation tactics?”


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