Through the Eyes of Your Dog

She wanders through the field, her hands lazily grazing the tops of wheat buds as she makes her way down the hill. The sunlight casts a glow over her amber hair and kisses them all with flattering light, a final farewell to the day, while the dogs whisper in quick flashes through the faded stalks, chasing birds and bunnies and bugs. She smiles broadly, her eyes crinkling softly in the corners, at their carefree enjoyment, wishing for a moment that she could take chase with them, but worrying silently of appearing foolish. The black dog, tall and lean, athletic and strong, makes an eternal path of zig zags; rushing off in hot pursuit, then lazily back to check his girl, before bursting off again, only to repeat the process endlessly. They move together, seemingly connected by an invisible string of predetermined length. He mirrors her movements and shadows her steps, as though his world revolved around her… as in fact, it does. A subtle flick of her wrist or nod of her head is often all she needs to send him back or forth, sitting silent or rushing brazenly ahead, communicating her wishes without words. Her movements, however subtle and soft, never slip past him unnoticed. She is always within his sight.


As the horizon grows vibrant and dusk settles in, crickets begin to play their melodies and the fireflies come out to dance along. The pack ventures into the valley for a refreshing dip at the water’s edge beneath a canopy of trees. Tongues and toes embrace the cool comfort, but before long, they wander back out into the setting sun. The dogs, appropriately sore and tired from the day’s adventures, duck their heads and stretch their tails in a glorious sunset shake-off, causing the fading light to catch shards of water droplets and allowing them to burst to life like flying embers from a fire. She turns, shielding herself to escape their shower, but it is too late. She shakes her head with amusement and admits defeat.


More damp than sopping, she guides the tailgate of her truck down and lets the girls jump in back to make a pile of puppy-satisfaction, all wagging tongues and tails. The front seat is reserved for her main man, her co-pilot, her quiet companion. They each climb in, and as she tunes the radio to her favorite ‘90s station, she slips on her old aviators, and her cowboy boot presses down on the clutch. The black dog slowly sinks down, stretching his head to rest over her faded blue jeans, his whiskers tickling her summer-tanned skin through the fraying hole.


“I wish people could see me through the eyes of my dog.” she thinks “This is what dreams are made of.”

And so does he.

Good Fences Make Good Dogs!

Notice anything different about our backyard?!



It has changed our lives! The dogs love to spend lazy mornings relaxing in the yard. They are able to spend so much more time outdoors, because I don’t have to worry about them chasing rabbits or wondering into the horse pastures.


Our longest readers may remember a post we made almost a year ago now, when we originally planned to have a fence installed. Unfortunately the prices at that point were much more than we had anticipated, and so we spent a year saving up and selling things we weren’t using. The fence does not encompass our whole yard, but it’s perfect for quick trips outside or spending time together without having to worry about the dogs. We still make sure to take them for daily walks and hikes. It’s been a long year of waiting, but the wait was so worth it! We spend more time outside with the dogs, and it has made our house feel bigger.


This comes at a perfect time, because we leave this weekend for a family vacation at the beach! Tonka will be going with us, but the girls will be staying home with my best friend N. The yard makes it much easier for N and also more worry-free for us! Finally, this may make it easier for us to have a foster again down the road… but time will tell!

Is your yard fenced or unfenced? Would you say that they get more or less exercise because of it? Any advice for us?

Animal Farm Foundation: The Experience

I’ve had a hard time getting started on the posts revolving around my experience at the Animal Farm Foundation Language and Advocacy Internship. There is just so much important information, some of which I haven’t even fully wrapped my head around! I will be splitting it into a few parts, for those of you interested in applying in the future, or at least improving your advocacy abilities.

I left my house in Pittsburgh early Wednesday morning, as I had 7.5 hour drive before I had to be in New York at the Animal Farm at 5:00. I was also planning to stop along the way for some puppy snuggles with some of the dogs in our rescue!

This is what the drive looked like…

photo 1 photo 3

We were having torrential downpours and flash flooding! But I still looked like this:

photo 2

Because I was so excited for what the next few days would hold.

Fast forward a few hours later, and this is what I was surrounded by…

Pictures just don't do it justice

Pictures just don’t do it justice

Even though I was in a hurry and anxious to reach my destination, I couldn’t resist stopping every few miles to capture some photos of the breath-taking scenery. The area was dotted with stunning estates, farmland and horse farms.


This was the lane pulling into the farm

This was the lane pulling into the farm

The next few pictures are of the Animal Farm Foundation property


Agility Field

Agility Field


All of the interns were split up between a few different houses. I was lucky enough to stay in the lake house, which was just a short drive (or long walk) from where our meetings were held each day.

This was the view from the porch on the front of our house

This was the view from the porch on the front of our house

The best part about the trip?! This adorable face!!

DSC_0006Her name is Marilyn. She is an absolute snuggle-bug with a slight giant ball obsession, and exceptional house manners. She was our house dog for the time we were there. She slept with us, and we were responsible for her care. It was so hard to say goodbye to her!


The other interns came from all over the country. There were local visitors that drove in each day from a No-Kill shelter in Duchess County. There were rescue advocates from Cincinnati Pit Crew in OH, Pets Alive Sanctuary in NY and Pit Bull Crew in FL, as well as an education and advocacy group in Las Vegas called Incred-a-bull. Finally, there were women from municipal shelters in VA and NJ.

Interns 71013 005 (2)

It was inspiring to meet so many bright, driven, compassionate, and competent women who were passionate about the same cause as I. However, it was also at times difficult to hear the challenges and struggles they face in their endeavors with advocating and rescuing pit bull dogs… as much as I feel that I put myself in the midst of the issues in our area, it was disturbing to learn that there are so many locations where pit bull dogs face much worse discrimination and difficulty.

However, if there is one thing I learned during my time at Animal Farm Foundation, it is that we must always focus on the positive. If this is just a small sampling of the individuals who are advocating for pit bull dogs, then it is just a matter of time before discriminatory tendencies are a thing of the past!

This post has highlighted the overview of the experience, but in the next few posts I will paraphrase the actual content and information that Caitlin from AFF shared with us. This trip was immensely educational, and part of my goal was to be able to convey the things I learned to all of you. So please stay tuned!

Adventure Pack Giveaway!

Our handsome model Tonka has an awesome giveaway to share with you all today!

The Purina Frosty Paws Summer Adventure Pack!

DSC_0009A representative of Frosty Paws contacted us a few weeks ago to ask if we would be willing to do a giveaway on the blog. While we only reserve the Frosty Paws treats for very special occasions (just like we do sweets for ourselves!) we were honored that they reached out to us! They were not specific about what they would be sending, which made it all the more exciting to receive such incredible items!

DSC_0012The bag is a 5-pocket backpack (for humans) made of a durable material perfect for wherever your next adventure awaits… be it sandy, wet, or even frosty, this bag will make it through unscathed. The interior is an insulated, lined cooler, perfect for easy cleaning, keeping your belongings dry, and if need be, cool as well.


DSC_0014Next up is the dog bone-shaped doggie bag holder!

DSC_0035Tonka-Tue was sure that this was, in fact, a treat dispenser. Unfortunately for him, he was wrong.


"How do we get the treats out, Mom?"

“How do we get the treats out, Mom?”

You may have noticed the taco-shaped item in the photo above. Any guesses as to what that might be?

DSC_0038DSC_0037DSC_0036A portable dog bowl, of course! We all know how important good nutrition and hydration can be while embarking on new adventures… the same is true for your pup!

DSC_0034Along those lines, they also included this awesome dog water bottle. It is a stainless steel (BPA-free) water bottle, and features a little steel ball-bearing inside that allows the water to drip out when your pooch licks it, to quench his or her thirst! Of course, it is also insulated, keeping the liquid at a comfortable temperature.

DSC_0039Finally, this sandwich-sized plastic container boasts a gel-like interior that freezes at low temperatures! It is equal-parts lunchbox and ice pack!



“Does this mean you’re taking me somewhere fun? Preferably with water…”

The cherry on top (get it?!) is a coupon for a FREE box of Frosty Paws, in either Peanut Butter or Original flavor. It can be found in your grocer’s ice cream or pet food aisle.

photo 1

We just love Purina Frosty Paws for providing products to us and to our readers that encourage us to get out and enjoy adventures with our best friends! We can’t wait to see where these bags go! Each prize pack is a $64.99 value, and is only available to residents of the continental United States. To enter to win, the rules are below:

-Anyone who had previously commented on one of this week’s adventure posts (Adventure, Dog Bowl List, Luca Gets Around, and AFF) will automatically receive two entries!

-If you comment on today’s post, or one prior, you will receive one entry.

-If you send in a picture of a fun adventure with your pup, you will receive three entries! Photo must be taken specifically for this contest.

-If you share this post on facebook, you will receive five entries! (Be sure to go to our facebook page and click the share button, so that we can keep track of who participates!)

You have until Monday night at 11:59PM. We will announce the winners on Tuesday! Thanks for participating, and thanks again to Purina Frosty Paws!

Now get out there and enjoy this weekend with your dogs. They deserve it, and so do you!

Please know that while Frosty Paws contacted us to share this giveaway, we were not paid for this post. The thoughts and opinions expressed were entirely our own.
photo 3
photo 4



Summer 2013 Dog Bowl List

…Because a bucket list just doesn’t really apply, does it?

Ok, whatever.

The point is, as we continue this week’s adventure theme, it gets me to thinking about all of the fun times we’ve had with our pups. And then that gets me thinking about all of the fun things we want to do with them! So I thought I’d share our list with all of you! Tell me… what fun things do you have planned for your pooches this summer? We’d love to hear about them!

2013 Pittsburgh Dogs’ Summer Bucket List

  1. Teach Gaige to dock dive like her big brother: We know she has it in her! jumptonk
  2. Homemade dog treats: Any favorite recipes you’d like to share?
  3. Volunteer at a local shelter: We just haven’t found one that is the right fit… recommendations?
  4. Camping: In the backyard, at least. DSC_0003
  5. Start working on agility
  6. Attend Pittsburgh’s Cinema in the Park cinema_in_parkDSCF2355
  7. Catch fireflies
  8. Kayak Pittsburgh: with one of the pups
  9. Make a new friend (at least 1 with two legs, and at least 1 with 4!)
  10. Tonka. Beach. Vacation. Enough said.
  11. Visit a doggy bakery: Dozen BakeshopWoof Stop BarkeryBone Appetite Barkery, or Doggie Delights

    Dozen Bakeshop specializes in human AND canine varieties

    Dozen Bakeshop specializes in human AND canine varieties

  12. Take Georgia to her first horse show
  13. Visit the Sunday night Pup night at Jergel’s: Dog menus!
  14. Fence for backyard… should be completed before our vacation at the end of July.
  15. Make doggy ice pop



  16. Attend a dog or dog-friendly festival in Pittsburgh. So many to choose from! Pittsburgh Pup Crawl, Food Truck Mondays at Animal Nature, to name only two!
  17. Meet a blog friend in real life! Who’s in??
  18. Attend a car cruise with J’s favorite girls: Gaige, and his ’67 Camaro!
  19. Paint Georgia’s toes
  20. Visit McConnells Mills State Park
  21. Give each of the pups their own day of fun DSC_0007
  22. Take Gaige trucking: Can you guess who came up with this one? IMG_0445

So that’s it. We will keep you posted on our progress! What is on your summer bucket list with your pets? Bonus points if it’s different from ours!

Considering a trip to Pittsburgh? Check out our post on all things dog in this great city!

And last but not least, as we approach the summer, hopefully full of vacations and travel and adventure, be sure to keep some of these safety tips in mind.



The older I become, the less I can consider myself to be much of an adventurer. This is a hard thing for me to admit. I like to think of myself as young, fearless, and carefree. But if I’m being honest, I will recognize that I most often choose to stay in the safe zone of life. The threat of failure and disappointment are always lingering in the back of my mind like the monster beneath the bed. Unfortunately, this vice exposes itself in most areas of my life… even as I approach photography, I worry that by attempting to shoot in manual mode, I will miss the perfect shot, and end up with a grainy or distorted image. I often forget that by taking on the challenge of manual mode, I also run the risk of capturing a shot that is exponentially more moving than anything I could while in Auto. A euphemism for life, is it not?


There are only about two areas in my life where this fear of failure does not readily apply. One of those is when I’m riding. I wouldn’t say that it applies with horses in general… such an expensive, competitive hobby can be endlessly daunting in the pursuit of success. However, when I am on the back of my horse, not much else matters. I bravely approach a four-foot fence, trusting in my horse to help us find our way safely to the other side. I happily mount a young two-year-old, relying on my body, in both its natural and learned abilities, to feel and react to the potential tornado underneath my seat.


The other place where my fearless nature shines is in the great outdoors with our pups. I feel most myself when surrounded by the four beings I love most in this world. And when I am truly myself, fear and worry seem to drift quietly out of my mind. Our pack winds through wooded trails, not knowing what is around the bend, as the sunlight streams spottily between the trees. The dogs run boldly ahead, coming back to us from time to time to check that we are following obediently behind. J. wraps his hand around my waist, pulling me snuggly to his side, and plants a kiss on my forehead. This is my happy place, my safe place, the place where I am ME, free from judgement or misunderstanding. And in this moment, when the stress of the outside world is not threatening, I AM fearless, carefree, and brave.


If you follow our blog, you see evidence of our many adventures together. We love to take the dogs hiking, boating, swimming, and camping. Rain or shine, hot or cold, we spend lots of time in the outdoors. Basically, whenever our busy schedule allows! Sure, it can be a challenge to load up the pups and our supplies, often at the mercy of the fickle Pennsylvania weather. Sometimes we encounter unfriendly dogs or humans, and even snakes! But the positives always outweigh the negatives. We come home exhausted and dirty, but always somehow rejuvenated. It may drain our reserves of energy and patience, but it always recharges the batteries of happiness and passion.


I am a big believer in the fact that we are all multi-faceted. We can be both fearful and brave, powerful and weak, confident and insecure. But it is our job to put ourselves in situations, and surround ourselves with the individuals, who bring out the best in us. That is what our dogs do for me. What do yours do for you?

This week, the blog is going to be devoted to adventure. Please be sure to check back throughout the week, and get involved in the comments and contributions… there will be something awesome in it for some of our lucky readers!