This special guy came into my life when I was going through many tough transitions. My family had moved away to another state, I had graduated high school a year early, and had been forced to sell my beloved show horses due to the impending move to college. Life was anything but stable, and this little ball of fur gave me an outlet. I spent all of my time with him, and focused on training him to be the best dog he could be. Believe it or not, the offspring of a purebred Golden Retriever momma and a brindle Boxer dad, Tonka was one of 12 coal black pups. I picked him out of the crowd, and we’ve been best friends ever since. He had GIANT paws, like wheels on a Tonka truck, and so the name was born. Training Tonka was such a breeze, as he is an absolute people-pleaser. He can impress a crowd with his bag of tricks, including saying ‘I love you,’ whispering, backing up, and crawling. He lives for the water and a good cuddle sesh. Tonka is one of those dogs that is friendly with everyone he meets, both 2 and 4-legged, but he is also fiercely protective of his mama when it counts. You can read all about our history together, here. Disclaimer: it’s long, but it is probably my favorite post ever.



Gaige is the pit bull mix puppy we rescued in the summer of 2011. A daddy’s girl through and through, she is the light of our lives, but always a hand full! Read her full rescue story on her own blog post. Hopefully it will entertain you as much as she does us every day! Gaige is the reason we got into rescuing, volunteering, and now fostering, and is also a big part of why we are such advocates of the pit bull type dog. She and Tonka have become inseparable, and so typically when you see one, the other is not far behind. Gaige truly changed our lives (especially her daddy’s) and we think she is a special lady! She is a non-stop ball of fun and mischief, always going a mile a minute with a giant pittie smile on her face.



It is all because of Georgia that this blog came to be! We ventured into the wide world of dog fostering, not at all sure what to expect. We took on a sweet female pit bull, who had been a mama way too early in life. She and her 6 tiny pups were dumped at a high-kill shelter in Georgia, just a few days before Christmas (2011). Thankfully, LCPO pulled together just in time to save them from euthanasia. Poor Georgia was bounced around between foster homes, through no fault of her own, and came to us a kind, but timid girl. She especially wasn’t sure how she felt about other dogs. After working diligently to overcome her issues, we eventually came to the conclusion that she was meant to be with us forever. Read more about that difficult decision, here. Nowadays, Georgia’s favorite things are snuggling, children, food, and any combination of the three! She also adores her four-legged siblings, and you are likely to find her cuddled or wrestling with one of the them.

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