Wordless Wednesday: Dog Dilemmas

Over a year ago now, we began discussing the process of fencing in our yard. Then more recently, we unveiled the new fence! We worked really hard to accumulate enough funds to purchase and install the fence, and it has honestly changed our lives. As you can see, the girls love nothing more than spending lazy days snoozing in the sun on the patio.



Most days, I have to bribe them to come in! However, not everyone is as happy about fence-life-living…

DSC_0003Can I please come inside, Mom? Why are you punishing me with your cruel separation tactics?”


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4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Dog Dilemmas

  1. Yay for the fence! We bought our house in January of 2012 and had a very large, unfenced backyard. Our larger hound girl is wonderful off leash, but our Cavalier can’t be trusted and was always on leash in the yard. We finally got it all fenced in this summer and now they have about 1/2 acre to run, play and enjoy. It has been such a wonderful change for us and a great thing for them too 🙂

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