Fundraiser: Prize #5 – All That Glitters

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many of us females may let our minds wander to things that sparkle and shine. (Yes, this is true, even if our Valentine reminds us that we were just appropriately granted a shiny, red washer & dryer… for the record, appliances shouldn’t ever count, as far as I’m concerned!) As you are imagining yourself frosted in diamonds and jewels, who are you picturing as your Valentine? If your dog jumps to mind as the most worthy candidate, you  need to go on a date must have a pup like my Tonka! Regardless, I’m sure you can agree that your loving, loyal pet deserves at least a little bit of recognition this Valentine’s day. Why shouldn’t he or she be adorned in some bling of their own?!


Sew Olive – Custom Dog Tags

That’s where Sew Olive comes in. These custom ID tags are made featuring a variety of patterns, colors, and fonts, in an effort to adequately display your pup’s unique personality. Crafted from heavy duty stainless steel, welded, and bezel-coated in a shiny silver finish, the tags are made to withstand the activity levels of hard-playing dogs like the owner’s own, Miss Olive.  Each piece is custom-made and cured in a durable and resilient polymer compound that allows the vibrant colors to shine through.

Olive is an active girl, who enjoys hiking, swimming, running, agility, and obviously chasing lures. She is also a certified Therapy Dog!

Olive is an active girl, who enjoys hiking, swimming, running, agility, and obviously chasing lures. She is also a certified Therapy Dog!

The generous owner at Sew Olive has offered one of our winners the opportunity to receive 3 custom dog tags! These make wonderful additions to the gorgeous martingale collars that she also designs, or can be a great gift for the pet lovers in your circle.


As always, to be entered to win 3 of these tags, all you need to do to is enter our contest, which benefits LCPO. Each $10 donation you pledge will qualify you for one entry towards any of our 10 prizes! Browse through last week’s posts, and stay tuned for the next few, for a complete list of the dog-related prizes we are offering!

Fundraiser: Unveiling Prize #1

On Friday, I introduced all of you to our fundraiser and giveaway, which will benefit our rescue, LCPO! You may remember that I promised to offer 2 prizes, to be given away at random to two of the generous donators. I am so happy to report that the response to our fundraiser has been so great, that we will be able to provide much more than that! Over the next few days, I will be bringing you information on each of our generous sponsors, all of whom create products that we passionately support and/or utilize ourselves! I can’t wait to introduce you to these guys!! Not only that, but we have decided that to be most fair, for each donation in increments of $10, you will be entered to win. For example, if you make a $20 donation, you will be entered twice!

Little Bow Pup: Quilted Bow Tie

We are so in love with the 'sugar skulls' pattern!

We are so in love with the ‘sugar skulls’ pattern!

One of the prizes I am most excited about is this gorgeous bow tie, generously donated by Little Bow Pup! Their Etsy store offers a quick way to check out stunning pup accessories, meant to dress up any collar or harness. These accessories include bow ties and flowers, and they are artfully handcrafted and quilted by our friend Ashley, who also runs the blog Pitlandia. What a small world! The girls in our house are especially salivating over these goodies, but Little Bow Pup provides accessories for the four-legged boys & girls! We will definitely be purchasing a few of our own. Why shouldn’t our pups be as fashionable and well-dressed as their owner tries to be?!

Did I mention that they also sell whimsical tutus? I am such a sucker for a pittie butt, especially when they are encircled by brightly-colored tulle!


Check out the Little Bow Pup facebook page for some gorgeous shots of Ashley’s diva dog, Athena, modeling her goods. She is a rescued pittie, and quite the spoiled one at that! Don’t your dogs deserve to be outfitted as fashionably as Miss Athena?


All joking aside… while there is nothing more amusing than dressing up our dogs, remember that there is a higher purpose associated with this act. We are all about advocating for the lovable snuggle-bugs that we know as pit bulls. A big muscley dog dressed in a tu-tu is a great way to encourage people to approach your dog for some quality cuddle time… which you can take as an opportunity to advocate for your breed! Who wouldn’t want to meet a dashing, dapper dog dressed up in a bow-tie?! These accessories especially serve a great purpose when it comes to foster dogs. The more people your foster dog meets-and-greets, the more likely they are to find a great home! Finally, accessories like these can make a great donation to your local shelter, as they work really well to create interest pieces in photos of shelter pups. Thanks to Ashley for creating a product that is not only fun and adorable, but also helps spread awareness for our bully breeds.

A most sincere thank you goes out to those of you who have already donated and/or shared, as well as to our contributors. It is funny how in times like these, you can find out who your real supporters are! If you are dying to be entered to win your very own bow tie from our generous friends Ashley & Athena at Little Bow Pup, head here to make a donation to our fundraiser for LCPO! Remember, each donation in increments of $10 will earn you an additional entry.

All photos on this post courtesy of Little Bow Pup!