The Holiday Season

Does anyone else out there feel like they are just now recovering from the hectic holidays? Or is it just me… NOT that I am complaining, however. To be honest, I basically threw a full blown temper tantrum when taking down our Christmas decorations last week. I love the way the twinkling lights emit a soft glow throughout our home. And while I’m being honest, I may as well just admit that while the ornaments are stowed safely away, the strands of lights have been carefully wrapped and stored, and the stockings folded together, our Christmas Tree still stands in all its glory… dripping needles need not be mentioned.

In case any of you are feeling the same post-holiday depression that I am, I thought I would share some details of Georgia’s first Christmas! You heard yesterday how perfectly she behaved with all of the activity, and many people entering and exiting our home. I thought I would share some of what I would imagine to be Georgia’s best memories!

I may or may not have spent a night in the hospital just before my family arrived for the holidays. All I wanted was to be home & healthy; baking, cooking, cleaning, and preparing for our first Christmas as newlyweds. When I finally got back, the dogs were on hand to spoil me with cuddles and kisses. I’m telling you, at this point, whomever adopts our girl is not just getting a great family dog, but pretty much a registered nurse as well.


Who needs a blanket?

Who needs a blanket?

Once I was home and on my way to recovery, we were able to enjoy the family that was in town, and include the pups in our celebrations.

Sleeping while we open presents

Sleeping while we open presents

Opening her first stocking gift, from her family in VA ! This may have been her favorite.

Opening her first stocking gift, from her family in VA ! This may have been her favorite.



PLEASE tell me... does it get any cuter than this??

PLEASE tell me… does it get any cuter than this??

What I really wanted to share with all of you is a fun video of the pups playing in the snow! Be prepared to watch Georgia get super adorable.

Interested in adopting our precious girl Gia? Of course you are!

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Finally, you can check out her Petfinder profile, where you will find adoption applications and additional information.