I typically do not post on the weekends, but since I skipped out yesterday, I figured that I owed you all one today! ūüôā

I will keep it short & sweet, but I wanted to let everyone know that Georgia has her very first meet-and-greet tomorrow!¬†We will be traveling a few hours away to do a home visit simultaneously, so Georgia will have the opportunity to meet the family’s 7-year-old¬†son, female pit bull, and cats as well!¬†I am very excited, as the family seems to be a wonderful fit for our girl. They have experience with pit bulls and the fostering process, and they live on a very large piece of property… perfect for long hikes and family time outside!


At the same time, I need some help here. I have to admit that I am also a little bit nervous! I have never done this before, and I want to make sure that I show Georgia in the best possible light. For a pooch that can be easily overwhelmed by new situations, how do you other fosters approach introductions with prospective adoptive families? Georgia still has a tendency to jump on new people, although she has improved dramatically in this area. The family is aware of that, and told me that they have the same issue with their other dog! Nevertheless, it still takes Georgia a bit of time to trust, and to really let her guard down. I am worried that she won’t be able to relax enough to show this family her huge heart and sweet personality, which would thus make them fall desperately in love with her! Any advice?

Every day I’m snugglin’

Finally, I am starting to have foster-doubts. You foster families out there have got to know what I mean… she is our first foster, and of course we are attached! However, I find myself worrying more about her than I am about myself. Of course I will miss her, but what concerns me most is the level of trust she has built with us. It took a few weeks for her to truly let down her guard, and now that she has, she is flourishing. I know I may be anthropomorphizing¬†here, but I am just so worried that she is going to feel abandoned by us. That she is going to wonder what she did wrong to make us lose interest in her. More importantly, will this make her take longer to trust her new family? Georgia has been bounced around so much (we are her THIRD foster home!) and I worry that this might be the final straw for her.

I hope that I am just being overly dramatic and reading into this way too much. In fact, I would love it if you would tell me that I am being crazy… Georgia is a fabulous dog, and if she had become best friends with Tonka & Gaige, I’m pretty sure that there is no way we could have given her up. But while they all get along well, and there have been no scuffles, it just does not seem to be a love affair between any of them. I want Georgia to find the perfect home for her, and I do not believe that we are it. I just hope she can find a family that sees her for who she is: perfections, flaws, and all. I hope that they will love her for it, and embrace a lifestyle that can ensure her success.

I could really use some advice from our blogging family right now! How difficult was it for you to give up your first foster? What was your most heart-breaking goodbye? Do you have any tips for successful adoption introductions? And please, tell me that she won’t miss me…

Georgia: The Ultimate Snugglebuddy

If you have been following our blog for very long at all, it is no secret that Georgia is a pretty low-maintenance dog. She does not have a very high requirement for exercise, and is happy to just follow you around at a leisurely pace, whether inside or out. While she has made a great jogging partner for me, and can be prompted for a rough afternoon romp, she is not a dog that you will need to find time to exercise in order to keep her mellow. Because of that, we think that Georgia would make a great addition to a busy family, or perhaps an animal-loving college student with a full plate.

While we can assure you that in many areas, Georgia is quite content to ‘go with the flow,’ there is one category that is an essential fulfillment; Georgia needs her human to engage in regular cuddle time. See the photographic evidence below…

Settling for a non-human cuddling companion

Don’t worry, no gender discrimination here!

That look of adoration…

I would include more from last night’s cuddle session… but unfortunately I made a horrible wardrobe choice that was not evident to me until reviewing the photos. Apparently my snowflake pajama pants are not as adorable as I had originally thought, and therefore they cannot be internet appropriate… for the sake of my reputation, people. I am dedicated to finding Georgia a home, but there are some things any self-respecting woman just wouldn’t do. So here are a few, sans-snowflakes. (But not sans-pants!)





*Please excuse the poor quality of the iPhone photos!*

If you think you might know someone who would be interested in adopting our sweet girl Georgia, please share her story! Any questions about Georgia or the adoption process can be directed to me (Stephanie!) at

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Lions & Tigers & Pitties… Oh my!

“Roarrrr! Do you think they will really believe that I’m a lion, Mom?”

“Hey look! These ears are just like my real ones… always going in two different directions.”


“Trick or treat! … You’re laughing at me, aren’t you?”

Domestic Helper

We do not want to rule out ANYONE in the search for Georgia’s forever family. She is such a low key little pup that I think she could be added to virtually any family successfully. However, it is no secret that she has a thing for the guys. She is a little flirt, and whenever she sees a big, burly man, she just cannot contain her excitement. While hanging out with Georgia around the house when Foster Dad is at work, it became quite clear to me that she would make a great housewife-dog for any single (or taken!) man.

Don’t mind me. Just adding to the list of qualities that make Georgia ‘wifeable’. You know you want to add her to your family. Here are a few of the many reasons that she makes perfect housewife-dog material… (Or, the perfect domestic assistant for any woman!)

1.) Window Licker Cleaner

With her natural zest for life, Georgia brings joy to even the most mundane tasks like cleaning the windows. Here, she drops the dust rag to stare at squirrels and watch the leaves fall.

2. ) Laundry Goddess

White, colors, delicates… no problem! Coming from a home where her Foster Dad is a laundry nazi, Georgia has very clearly learned the rules of hanging vs. drying, as well as how to properly fold everything from underwear to T-shirts, and all else in between. Plus, she is a low-shedder, so you don’t have to worry about having extra hair on your clothes… particularly if your wardrobe consists mostly of browns, whites, and reds.

3.) Caring Nanny

Kisses for kitty

We have already displayed Georgia’s impressive child-rearing skills here, but did you know she is also good with cats and other dogs? She is not a cat chaser, and enjoys being around her feline friends. Additionally, she has lived and played successfully with small dogs. You can rest assured that when it comes time for your afternoon nap or soap opera special, Georgia will have the littles (both two and four-legged) under her expert supervision.

Cat’s got your tail?

4.) Makes her own bed… and lies in it.

Did I mention that she treats stuffed animals like her babies? No flying fluffing here!

Ok, well it is clear that Georgia lacks opposable thumbs. While this may prevent her from being able to tuck the sheets in tightly around the corners, she can certainly hold down the bed spread, so to speak. What a domestic diva.

5.) Killer Kisses

Luscious lips

I told you she was a flirt, but Georgia is also a bit of a seductress. She has a great tongue, and she isn’t afraid to use it.¬†Ladies, lock up your husbands hounds…

(Also, please ignore the terribly unflattering photo of me… actually let’s just pretend that’s not even me. It is my far less attractive, fraternal twin sister.)

“Look into my eyes, and fall in love.”

So there you have it. It is no secret that Georgia is a beautiful girl. With her shiny red furs and those deep, soulful brown eyes, she is quite the looker. However, just imagine how she’d look if she were all wifed up and pretty! Given this list, it is clear… Georgia is NOT just a pretty face. You know you like it… put a ring on it, y’all!