All Creatures Great & Small

Pit bull lovers are a crazy bunch. We are doctors and lawyers, teachers and truck drivers, stay at home mamas and college students. The only defining thread in our lives is that we have come to know and love our pit bull-type dogs, and stand strong to defend them. We face discrimination with a quiet yet strong presence, armed with facts and figures, stories and snapshots.

Only recently, I have come to realize that I myself am occasionally guilty of discriminatory thoughts. It has nothing to do with breeds, per se… but I have been ‘size-ist’. I have a strong preference for big dogs, and while I know better, I’ve always looked down the tip of my nose at tiny pups and their owners. I thought that their experiences of dog ownership must be vastly different than my own… while we are off doing adventurous activities like hiking and swimming, they probably do terrible things like:

-Dressing their dogs up in costumes

DSC_0090 DSC_0023-Spoiling their dogs like their children


Easter egg hunt for our dogs... that's normal right?

Easter egg hunt for our dogs… that’s normal right?

-And carting their dogs around with them everywhere they go

(It has taken us 3 months to find a vacation rental that is dog-friendly… and I refused to go, otherwise.)

So, maybe we aren’t as different as I thought?

Now, don’t hate me just yet. These were never conscious thoughts, and certainly nothing I’d ever said out loud. But I am recognizing and admitting my flaw… and it is all thanks to a little pup named Harold.


I always had the idea in my head that big dogs had fun personalities: they were ready to play and run and fetch, but also content to cuddle up on the couch for a snooze. While I was happy to meet a little dog, I imagined that owning one could never be as ideal. They would be less active, but also less snuggly, more independent but also prone to anxiety. Essentially, I was an idiot a jerk uninformed all of the above! And it is all thanks to Harold, who is essentially, just like my big dogs, in a conveniently sized package.

IMG_0903We spent a few hours together last week, while his mama (an incredibly talented videographer) had some meetings. I fell in love. It was entirely my pleasure to have him pal around with me. He was playful and sweet and cuddly and silly… everything that anyone would want in a pet!

IMG_0890So while I still believe that Harold is a special dog, I also now realize my hypocrisy… big or little, brown or blue, pit or poodle… a dog, is a dog, is a dog!

photo 2

As if all of that wasn’t enough to make you fall in love with Harold, check him out, live and in color (and sound!) HERE. It will seriously make. your. day. His mama brilliantly captures what life is like when you’re a (little) puppy.