Wordless Wednesday: Happy (belated) Father’s Day!

You may remember this post, where I unveiled J’s super awesome birthday present. While it wasn’t our first dog-related piece of art, it was certainly the best!

This weekend, as a silly Father’s Day present from the pups, I gifted him with another to add to his collection!

photo(1)He loves his little black dog. She loves her big red ball. And their favorite mutual past-time? Fetch for hours and hours. How perfect is this print I found, on the cheapity-cheap?! Score.

Dogs and their Dapper Duds

We have blogged about Sirius Republic collars a few times now. Most notably, here and here. But finally, finally, we are able to introduce our own pups, and their spiffy collar choices! Drum rolllllll… (Please, no flash photography, and hold your applause until the end.)

Gia Sue, looking pretty in paisley!

Gia Sue, looking pretty in paisley!

Tonka Tue, our dapper dude in this manly selection.

Tonka Tue, our dapper dude in this manly selection.

And then there was one…

Yes, that really is the best I could do...

Geege Louise. Yes, that really is the best we could do…

But at least her collar is cute, right?

While I had pretty high expectations while anticipating the arrival of the dogs’ new duds, I was even more pleasantly surprised than I thought I would be. The quality of these collars just can’t be described, but I will do my best. The patterns are bright and bold, and the collars themselves are much thicker than they appear, backed with nylon. I expect that this will enable them to be worn for months to come. In addition, they were perfectly sized to each of our pups’ unique measurements. I am so thrilled with our purchase and the customer service that I am already looking forward to the day when we will need additional collars, just so that I can return to Sirius Republic… the hardest part of the whole process was making our selections!

You may also have noticed their unique and eye-catching custom tags. You can find them at Sew Olive. We adore them… and think they pair perfectly with the Sirius collars.

Fundraiser: Prize #8 – Dressing for the Occasion


Georgia wants to tell her devoted fan club “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Be still my heart.

It’s no secret. I am over the moon with pit bulls. Head over heels, batting my eyelashes, can’t get enough, wish they would call me more often, think the sun rises and sets by…pit bulls. I’m not sure if it is their soulful eyes, soothing cuddles, variety of coat colors, or their clownish antics, but it has been a love affair of magnificent proportions from the start. So, as you might imagine, my own pit bulls take my love to the tenth power, multiplied by infinity. Alarming levels of love and dependency are reached.


“It’s got to be that can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over- the-fence, World Series kind of stuff.”

This Valentine’s Day, I am declaring my obsession with the pitties that we all know and love. I feel so thankful to have the opportunity to share my perspective of the breed with people, and hopefully change a few minds, one at a time. It is refreshing and rewarding to introduce people to Georgia and Gaige, and see their perspectives widen and their hearts open. At the same time, it is encouraging when you meet others that already share your passion for the breed. Starting this fundraiser has given me the opportunity to do just that. I have met so many wonderful individuals that have made an effort to run companies and produce products aimed at supporting the breed and refreshing its image.

Pitbullshirt.com – Fashion Tee Shirts

Pitbullshirt.com is just one such vendor. The brains behind this awesome company are husband and wife team Tommy & Sharon Athanasiou. They combine Tommy’s talent in art and design, with Sharon’s passion for pitbulls, which all began as a fundraising effort for an injured pit bull named Smokey. Smokey had been terribly abused and injured, and was being nursed back to health in California. With Sharon’s guidance, Tommy provided a hand-painted, pop-style rendition of Smokey, which ultimately raised $300 for his vet bills. With the success of Smokey’s fundraiser behind them, requests for custom dog portraits began pouring in, and The Tommy Pop Art Studio was born. Graciously, the couple donated 10% of each commissioned painting to the non-profit animal rescue organization of the customer’s choice.

The dynamic duo’s next venture was to enter the world of fashion design, and they now create clothing that brings attention to the pit bull’s plight and following, while providing their wearers with a fashionable alternative to the typical baggy, screen-printed tee shirts. These are not your typical pittie rescue shirts; they highlight the things we all love about bullies (their smiles, their snuggles) while giving their clothing a vintage vibe and funky feel.


Tommy and Sharon live in Florida, minutes from the beach, with their four furry family members: Peanut, their very girly pittie, a toy poodle named Fluffernutter,  a maltese named Vanillabean, and a Himalayan cat named Junior.

Pitbullshirt.com is their online store, where you can purchase some shirts of your own. If you are feeling lucky, simply enter our giveaway! Tommy & Sharon have graciously offered a discount to And Foster Makes Five, and so we will be providing one lucky winner with their choice of designs in 1 Regular Tee Shirt and 1 Babydoll Slim Fit Tee. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, simply head here to make a donation. Each $10 increment will earn you one entry into our contest, where you will be eligible to win any of 10 prizes! Remember, 100% of the fundraiser benefits our rescue, LCPO.

Fundraiser: Prize #5 – All That Glitters

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many of us females may let our minds wander to things that sparkle and shine. (Yes, this is true, even if our Valentine reminds us that we were just appropriately granted a shiny, red washer & dryer… for the record, appliances shouldn’t ever count, as far as I’m concerned!) As you are imagining yourself frosted in diamonds and jewels, who are you picturing as your Valentine? If your dog jumps to mind as the most worthy candidate, you  need to go on a date must have a pup like my Tonka! Regardless, I’m sure you can agree that your loving, loyal pet deserves at least a little bit of recognition this Valentine’s day. Why shouldn’t he or she be adorned in some bling of their own?!


Sew Olive – Custom Dog Tags

That’s where Sew Olive comes in. These custom ID tags are made featuring a variety of patterns, colors, and fonts, in an effort to adequately display your pup’s unique personality. Crafted from heavy duty stainless steel, welded, and bezel-coated in a shiny silver finish, the tags are made to withstand the activity levels of hard-playing dogs like the owner’s own, Miss Olive.  Each piece is custom-made and cured in a durable and resilient polymer compound that allows the vibrant colors to shine through.

Olive is an active girl, who enjoys hiking, swimming, running, agility, and obviously chasing lures. She is also a certified Therapy Dog!

Olive is an active girl, who enjoys hiking, swimming, running, agility, and obviously chasing lures. She is also a certified Therapy Dog!

The generous owner at Sew Olive has offered one of our winners the opportunity to receive 3 custom dog tags! These make wonderful additions to the gorgeous martingale collars that she also designs, or can be a great gift for the pet lovers in your circle.


As always, to be entered to win 3 of these tags, all you need to do to is enter our contest, which benefits LCPO. Each $10 donation you pledge will qualify you for one entry towards any of our 10 prizes! Browse through last week’s posts, and stay tuned for the next few, for a complete list of the dog-related prizes we are offering!