Easter Bullies!

Who would have thought that beneath all of this heavy snow, green grass and bright buds were eagerly anticipating the glorious holiday? And who would have known that behind the endless clouds, the sun was waiting patiently to shine down? Every year, it seems as though the winter is never going to end, and yet, spring always comes. In its own time, it comes, and once it does, you wonder what you had done without its balmy temperatures, bright skies, and warm breezes.


One of my favorite parts about the Easter holiday, aside from the fact that it brilliantly signals the beginning of spring, is watching the children of our friends and family as they search for eggs. The unbridled joy on their faces is not indicative of the simplicity of the act. So, although we have no human puppies of our own, why couldn’t we get in on the fun?


We talk all the time on here about doing enrichment activities with our pups. It strengthens their bonds with us, develops their problem-solving skills, and most importantly, is a great way to tucker them out! Of course, a doggy-themed Easter egg hunt would be the perfect way to spend some time with our dogs that would be egg-ceptionally enriching!


Poor Tonka could smell it, but he just couldn't find it!

Poor Tonka could smell it, but he just couldn’t find it!

easter3Tonka was probably the best at this, but Georgia and Gaige also had lots of fun. Georgia cracked us up (get it??), because each time she found an egg, she would run away to hide while she opened the contents.


Little Miss Smarty Pants

Little Miss Smarty Pants

Opening it all by herself!

Opening it all by herself!

The eggs cost all of, like, $1.50, so I didn’t care if they were destroyed in the process. Obviously we supervised their use, to make sure no eggs were accidentally consumed. Each one was (color-coded!) filled with things like carrots, cheese, peanut butter, dog food, and lunch meat, so the dogs never knew what they were going to find! We hid 11 eggs at a time for each of the dogs, and let them out separately, so as to be able to focus on each pup individually. I think they enjoyed having some one-on-one attention, and the other two would stand at the back slider, watching the on-going hunt with anticipation!

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and if you celebrate, a blessed Easter! I’m loving all of the bunny-eared pittie pictures, as well as the shots of pit bulls and chicks, bunnies, etc that I’ve seen floating around. What an amazing community of pittie-lovers I’ve come to know via the interwebs! It’s nice to have so much support for such a beloved breed.