To You

It is no secret to my friends that I am a people watcher by nature. Take me to a crowded mall or busy street, and I could sit in quiet contentment for hours, lost in my own head. This act of observation never comes from a place of judgement, but rather from a place of curiosity. I watch people because they fascinate me. We are full of layers, of emotions and dreams and thoughts, tucked just beneath the surface; seemingly within reach, but ever so slightly unattainable. I am always taking notes on the little things that make others stand out to me – but most of all, I am interested in their passions, those things that set them apart, and set them on fire. I search to see the good in people, and when possible, I like to share my friendly observations with them. You deserve to appreciate your humor as it lifts up those around you, your quiet depth of spirit, or your passion as it inspires others.

I make an effort, at least once each day, to sit silently and watch the world around me. At my age, I am often surrounded by 20-something year olds, bright young things who are seizing the world, brash and loud and impatient. While there is something to be admired in their voracity and drive, it seems that only those who have garnered wisdom from their elevated years, are able to sit next to one another in quiet, and not feel the need to find words to soften the silences. As much as I crave the companionship of meaningful conversation with those that equal me in depth, I believe that there must be a balance in life. For me, silence is pure and divine. It draws people together as much as speech, because only those who are truly comfortable with each other can sit easily together without words.

I turn to words and writing, to organize my thoughts and the questions that seem to haunt my life. The pursuit of the perfect words to eloquently and concisely sum up my perspective is, to me, a divine process. I love to begin with a jumble of thoughts, and once I’ve arrived at the perfect combination of words, I end with a bit of ‘poetry’ on paper. Yet, amazingly enough, there are days. Days when I just cannot find my words. Days of silence, and of quiet contemplation. They happen for a variety of reasons, but on those days, I prefer to draw inspiration from the words of people, times, and hearts that move me. Collecting quotes is a part of who I am.

This is one reason that I have grown to so love blogging. I feel inspiration and support from this community of people, brought together by interests shared or diverse, the common thread of writing and sharing and caring tying us all together. If I am experiencing something that I cannot seem to put into words, someone somewhere out there in the blogging world probably already has. Thank you all for what you do for me, and for the world around you. I feel parts of myself coming alive more and more each day, as we reach to discover more about ourselves, all the while pushing those around us to deeper levels of self-discovery and understanding. Thanks, friends. I heart you in big ways!