Practice Makes Perfect

During our trip to visit my parents in Virginia last weekend, we were ‘forced’ to walk the dogs on-leash, as they live in a busy community neighborhood.

Look at that tired pup!

Look at that tired pup!

We look at our living arrangements as such a blessing… we live on a piece of property that is blissfully large and safe enough that we can walk and exercise the dogs off-leash most times. However, this trip brought us the realization that when you live in (or visit!) a place that requires you to walk your dogs on-leash, you are faced with a great opportunity to work on training each day. In some cases, the dogs in this circumstance may actually be receiving more exercise and interaction, than those who are just let out the door to a fenced in backyard, unsupervised.


During our walk, a little white dog ran out from one of the yards, across the street, and up to our dogs. The owner was calling her (“Cookie!”) but she was not interested! Thankfully, J jumped in front of the Jeep that was headed straight for her, and was able to grab her collar. We were so proud of our dogs for reacting quietly and politely, even as the little dog would bark in their faces and run away, only to repeat the process!


We really enjoyed the opportunity to share some focused training time together with our dogs, and were so impressed by how quickly they were able to refresh their polite leash-walking skills.


Tonka found a souvenir on our walk!

Do you walk your dog(s) on-leash on a regular basis? Is it out of necessity, or because you realize the importance of these skills? How would your dog handle a change in the routine, or an impolite dog disrupting their walk?

Are we the only weirdos that go to the gym while on vacation??

Are we the only weirdos that go to the gym while on vacation??