Wordless Wednesday: Snugglin’ Sisters

DSC_0131I tell Foster Dad alllll the time that I think it should be illegal to be born into the world without a sister. Thankfully, I was blessed with the world’s most awesome brother, but while I’m sure he would kick some booty in my defense, he isn’t exactly into sharing gossip and clothes (although that never stopped me from stealing his hoodies!) Nevertheless, it makes me super happy to see that Georgia and Gaige have got the seester thing down pat.


DSC_0132This makes me laugh at rescue groups who have policies against adopting out dogs to families with pets of the same gender… if all groups had that policy, these two would be much more lonely!

11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Snugglin’ Sisters

  1. Good to know, because we have a female and have been told that we should never bring another female into the pack. I knew there was an exception…..
    They are so darn cute…I wanna snuggle up with them.

    • Hi Amy Jo! Thanks for joining in and sharing your thoughts… we just like to go by the notion that all dogs are individuals. There are some females that have issues with other females, while ladies like Georgia are more picky when it comes to their boyfriends. The best thing you can do is always take introductions slowly, regardless of the dogs’ genders.

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