When the Fosters are Away…

The foster puppy plays!

Some of you may know that we traveled out of town over the weekend. I know what you’re thinking… how could you leave that adorable little injured pup, fresh off the surgery table? Please understand that we had paid for the trip months prior, and couldn’t get our fees back if we cancelled (trust me, I tried!) In spite of all of that, I was still planning to cancel the trip in favor of nursing Kingston back to health, much to Foster Dad’s (understandable) chagrin.

Believe it or not, our marriage is still intact all thanks to a friend of mine (I hope I am accurately conveying the sarcasm!) In all seriousness, my friend N. totally saved the day. Did I mention that she is a vet? So of course, she is about the only person I felt comfortable caring for Kingston so soon after his surgery. Did I also mention that she is due to have her first baby in a mere 6 weeks? Now is the part where I mention what a saint she also is. THANK YOU N!!!

Here are a few adorable pictures from their weekend together. My only requirement for leaving the state was knowing that I could have constant contact which would verify his progress. Thank goodness for iPhones 🙂

Helping Nadine and her husband prepare their nursery for the impending human-puppy arrival!

Helping N and her husband prepare the nursery for the impending human-puppy arrival!

Enjoying some light exercise

Enjoying some light exercise

photo 1

As much as we appreciated their caring for Kingston, it was also invaluable to get another perspective on his personality. We got rave reviews of his behavior all weekend, as he met cats, other dogs, and lots of new people. Even with all of the changes soon to come in their lives, they seriously considered bringing little Kingston into their home on a more permanent basis… he is that awesome, friends!


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