Surgery Report

Ok, so we have good and bad news to report. I think it is best if we start from the beginning.

Foster Dad left early this morning to take the pup (Kingston? Tripp? Still can’t decide!) to Butler Veterinary Associates, the clinic where the surgery would be performed. He told me that the little guy kept whining and looking out the back window for me the whole drive 😦

F.D. reported that everyone at the clinic was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. He met with Dr. Harvey, the veterinarian who would be performing the surgery. He really liked him, as he was incredibly experienced and very open, describing his findings along the way as he examined the dog.

The bad news is that the surgery was more difficult than the doctor expected. He told Foster Dad (sorry, I just love being able to say that again!) during the pre-surgical exam that the break most likely occurred longer ago than we were originally told. There was an incredible amount of calcification, and this was confirmed once he had opened him up… he said he has never performed a surgery to that extent at his clinic. Further, there was already some nerve loss, as the dog’s reflexes were not where they should be. The muscles had already started to contract and atrophy, so we may have a long process of rehabilitation ahead of us. During the exam, he was not sure whether they should risk doing the neuter during the same procedure, but luckily the doctor was able to take care of that as well. We really didn’t want to have to put such a young dog under anesthesia more times than necessary.

The good news is that he made it out of surgery just fine. He went in for surgery around 1:00 PM, and as of this moment (4:30 pm) he was out of surgery but still not awake. They were originally hopeful that we would be able to bring him home tonight, but they are pretty sure that his pain levels will be such that they should keep him on a morphine drip overnight. We will speak with the doctor around 6:00 this evening to get another update, and will let you all know if he shares anything unexpected. Otherwise, he will be coming back to the AFM5 residence sometime tomorrow.

We are so thankful that this little pup was brought into our lives, and so blessed to be able to help him. However, please know that we never, ever could have done this without all of your support. You all are his angels, and I made sure to tell him before I left that he had to come through this, because there were so many people out there who loved and cared for him without even having met him. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Surgery Report

  1. I don’t know if I should “like” this post per se because poor foster pup has been through so much already! But I’m glad he made it out okay! Can’t wait for an update!

  2. I hope he gets to come home soon. Poor guy should not have to go through this at such a young age but dogs are so resilient!

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