Good Deeds

Some of you may have been following our eventful weekend via social media, but for those of you who did not, I will try to start from the beginning.

Friday afternoon I received a facebook message from an acquaintance from high school. She told me that she had a pit bull that had been given to her because the owner was going to kill it for having pulled down the curtains. She said that it had been badly abused, and believed that it was suffering from a broken leg. She wanted to help him, but did not have the means to do so. She saw me posting about dogs all of the time, and wondered if I might be able to help. She said that he was less than one year old and endlessly sweet. I felt so much compassion of course for the dog, but also for someone who had put herself in harm’s way to help an animal, even though she knew she couldn’t care for it long term.

I’m sure I don’t need to give too much detail as to what happened from there. (Have I mentioned that I have the world’s most supportive husband?!)

Of course, I posted about it on facebook, to inquire if anyone might be able to help. I received probably 20+ offers to help pay for the dog’s care and veterinary needs, but no offers to foster. So what else was I supposed to do? I figured that if these people were so willing to help fund his care, the least I could do was provide a safe place for him to recover.

In spite of the hefty and unplanned medical bills they have been faced with recently, A Positive Promise Pit Bull Foundation, the rescue that brought Georgia into our lives, was eager to help us help this little dog. Especially when I shared with them the fact that so many people had already pledged their funds to help save his life!

The next morning I drove to pick the dog up. When I got there, I was instantly struck by how adorable this pup was! A small dog was jumping all over him, and he paid it little attention. He was wiggly and friendly, but non-weight bearing on his right hind leg. I noticed some swelling and bruising around the hip area. The girl and her grandmother talked about seeing him interact kindly with both children and cats. He willingly, yet haltingly, walked with me toward my vehicle, where we headed back toward home.


Waiting at the vet. Practicing his yoga poses!


Another high school acquaintance worked at a local veterinary office, and suggested that I bring him into the clinic for an initial evaluation. The facility is called Saxony Animal Clinic, and the doctor and staff there were absolute angels. Between them (though I’m not sure who specifically deserves our appreciation) our entire bill was covered. This included the emergency exam fee, radiographs, a rabies shot, a fecal exam, pain medicine, antibiotics, and (much-needed!) flea medicine. I cannot begin to convey the depth of my appreciation to them for being so kind, compassionate, and generous. Unfortunately, our worst fears were confirmed. The abuse that our little trooper endured resulted in a severely fractured femur.

1378643_10151900879292427_511742613_nThe vet who examined him advised that the break would absolutely require surgery, most likely to the extent of needing a plate and some screws. This was not a procedure that they could perform in their facility, and so she suggested some alternate clinics where we could be referred.

I made a few calls that day, but as it was a Saturday, I was not able to make much progress in terms of getting a quote. I have been told that surgeries of this capacity vary in cost between $1-$3,000, with our area typically being on the lower end of that estimate. I will be making some additional calls first thing Monday morning to hopefully get more information so that we can proceed.

Unfortunately, many of the people who initially pressured me to bring this guy home by offering to donate to his care seem to have disappeared. I am understanding that circumstances change, but am also hopeful that they will remain true to their word. We really can’t afford to cover the cost of his surgery, on top of his transportation, food and other needs, and the needs of our own pets. In spite of that, there are many generous people who have stepped up to help us, both in financial ways and in others. For those of you who have contributed in any capacity, please know that your selflessness means the world to me.

On a lighter note, we enjoyed spending the weekend with our new addition, in what we can only imagine have been some of the best days of his life. While he is relegated to our (finished!) basement due to his flea issue and our need to keep him separated from the other animals, he has a warm cozy bed, blankets, toys, and treats galore. He gets plenty of love and attention! We all enjoyed lots of time laying out in the grass while we soaked up the unique experience of the last bit of summery weather mixed with a vibrant blanket of fallen leaves.



He already has some interested adoption applicants, and while we want to wait until after the surgery and recovery in order to accurately evaluate his temperament, preferences, and disposition (of course he won’t chase our cat… but then again, he’s not chasing much these days!) we are absolutely sure that he will make someone the most amazing family member. He is endlessly loving, affectionate, playful, and obedient. How someone could find ANY fault with this dog is still a mystery to me.

You may notice that we have left out an important part of his story… his NAME! While his previous owners called him ‘Ghost,’ we’d like to give him a new name to mark his new journey. A few top contenders include-

1) Kingston: It definitely fits his good looks

2) Tripp: the name suggested by our top donor

3) Bucco: to celebrate the Pittsburgh Pirates Pride in our area

We’d love to hear your input on what you think his name should be!

Thanks for all of the support and encouragement 🙂 If you are interested in helping this deserving little guy on his road to recovery, you can share or donate to his fundraiser. It is appreciated more than you know!



17 thoughts on “Good Deeds

  1. Well, I don’t really understand this world. I’d throw myself in front of a bus to protect ours… He’s beautiful – reminds me of “Puppy Doe” in the news recently, but now with a much happier ending ahead of him. Thank you for taking him in. You guys are awesome.

  2. He is just adorable and I am so proud of you guys for stepping up! Shame on anyone that wouldn’t follow through with their pledge to donate, I know I certainly will be! And I have to vote for Kingston. It’s the name of my brother’s roommates dog, who is BFF with his two girls, and he not only looks similar to your little guy, but he is also THE SWEETEST dog on Earth. Whatever his name ends up though, he had hit the jackpot and I feel confident that his best days before will pale in comparison to his “worst” days ahead!

  3. Reblogged this on Temporary Home, Permanent Love and commented:
    Hey Friends! My BBF (best blogging friend!) had an awesome rescue over the weekend. Check it out below and if you are able, please, please, pleeeease donate to his very necessary surgery (I know I will be!) I love starting my Monday off with a heartwarming story like this. Hope you enjoy it as well!

  4. What a wonderful new life he is going to have, thanks to a handful of people who have stood up for him! We find in the rescue business, people initially pledge to help and then they disappear when the help is actually needed. Just keep spreading the word though, and have faith that the help will come. You did an awesomely wonderful thing for that beautiful pup! And I vote for Kingston! Somehow it just seems to fit him & his story!

  5. Donated and shared. As the mom of a dog (pictured) who helped in our re-carpeting efforts by tearing all the old carpet up…down to the foundation…I can’t even imagine what could compel someone to harm an animal in that manner.

  6. So cute, I am such a sucker for pitties with white heads and spots on their bodies(duh…Norman:) Plus, those ears! He sounds like such a sweetie, I can’t wait to find out how his leg heals and how he does with the other pups. I think Tripp is a pretty cute name:)

  7. I just passed by for the first time from the blog Peace-a-bull Assembley, and I want to tell you guys thank you for what you do. This post made me tear up, and I wish I had the money to help! I will share this post on twitter, and on my next blog post I will add a shout out to this post.

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