Good Fences Make Good Dogs!

Notice anything different about our backyard?!



It has changed our lives! The dogs love to spend lazy mornings relaxing in the yard. They are able to spend so much more time outdoors, because I don’t have to worry about them chasing rabbits or wondering into the horse pastures.


Our longest readers may remember a post we made almost a year ago now, when we originally planned to have a fence installed. Unfortunately the prices at that point were much more than we had anticipated, and so we spent a year saving up and selling things we weren’t using. The fence does not encompass our whole yard, but it’s perfect for quick trips outside or spending time together without having to worry about the dogs. We still make sure to take them for daily walks and hikes. It’s been a long year of waiting, but the wait was so worth it! We spend more time outside with the dogs, and it has made our house feel bigger.


This comes at a perfect time, because we leave this weekend for a family vacation at the beach! Tonka will be going with us, but the girls will be staying home with my best friend N. The yard makes it much easier for N and also more worry-free for us! Finally, this may make it easier for us to have a foster again down the road… but time will tell!

Is your yard fenced or unfenced? Would you say that they get more or less exercise because of it? Any advice for us?

11 thoughts on “Good Fences Make Good Dogs!

  1. ours is fenced, which definitely makes it easier to just let them romp instead of taking them for a walk. I think they get more tired wrestling with each other than on a quick walk, but it is still so important to get the dogs out daily (which definitely does not always happen!)

  2. Oh man, I know just how elated you are feeling right now! After YEARS of living in a tiny apartment, the day we moved into our house, with it’s nice big yard, was probably the best day of my life. We still go on walks (though admittedly probably not as much as we should) but we love to run and chase each other around the yard so I know the dogs are actually getting more exercise. Plus now they get to just lounge like yours which they LOVE! Unfortunately it’s so dang hot we don’t do a ton of that but once it cools down I have a feeling almost 100% of our time will end up being spent out there.

    I’m so happy for you guys! Isn’t a great feeling when you scrimp and save and then finally get what you’ve been wanting for so long? Good work!

  3. Unfortunately for my girls they are like the shoemaker’s children running around barefoot. We have almost an acre of fully fenced yard and doggie doors so it is great that they can let themselves in and out. I work an IT consulting job that has me in front of my computer but I also run a pet sitting/dog walking business. Depending on the client, I may take one of my dogs with me for walkies but generally I use my yard way too much!

  4. Looks beautiful! I am sure that this makes you so happy. (Also, the area you live in is SO pretty! It reminds me of a lot of the countryside here in Virginia.) We rent, but we have a great fenced-in yard (one of the hard-to-find requirements for us!), and it always puts me at ease. (It also keeps Pyrrha from mauling the neighbor’s pesky cat, who likes to hang out in our garden…)

  5. That is a good looking fence and yes, our yard is fenced too. Not having a fence where we live creates all sorts of liabilities, we cannot lock our dogs up in the house when we’re not home because of the extreme heat we experience and leaving air conditioning on all day for them isn’t an option. Our dogs love being outside in the sun, Maxi digs in the garden to find a cool spot and during the winter both dogs love lying in the sun.

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