Siriusly Fashionable

Happy Friday, friends! We will keep it short and sweet today. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but the collars you see on our dogs in most of the photos are in pretty sorry shape. We have been wanting to place an order with Sirius Republic since before we even started this blogging adventure! You may remember this post. Well, the time has finally come. We are ready to place our order!

Before we place the order, we wanted to check in with our readers. Do you have any input as to what collars we should order for the pups? We would like for them to coordinate between the three dogs, but not match. Also, we want the pattern choices to be indicative of each of the dog’s respective personality traits, and compatible with their coat collars and markings. By now, most of you probably know their personalities almost as well as we do. Do you think they are conveyed in our choices? Do you have better suggestions? Check out the Sirius Republic selection of patterns here!

Gaige’s Collar


Gaige is the pup that is adorable, mischevious and spunky, and constantly getting into something. A daddy’s girl, she knows how to flit her lashes and wiggle her tail just right to squeak her way out of trouble. She loves to play rough but is also a cuddle bug. Also, Foster Dad has a thing for cherry emblems and vintage patterns.



Georgia’s Collar


Gia girl is the laid-back one of the group, never letting much get her worked up. She loves food and snuggles more than anything else in life, and is always up for some fun. She can be a bit stubborn, but only because she knows that she has us wrapped around her little white-tipped-tail.



Tonka’s Collar

Tonka is our gentleman, a friend to all! His haters call him a teacher’s pet or a suck-up, but they’re just jealous that he has brains, brawns, and beauty. Obedience and loyalty are his greatest strengths, especially when his mama is a part of the equation. As a high school stereotype, Tonka would be the handsome jock that is friends with everyone, gets good grades, and helps your grandma across the street! We are having a little bit more trouble choosing his perfect pattern, so can you help us by voting?!
Red? Blue?

Red? Blue?

Take a look at their options and let us know if there is one that stands out to you as being perfect for the Tonkinator! We also love the gray sugar skulls, but are worried it might be too feminine for him. Also the Brewskies, and Bon Voyage… oh dear, we just can’t decide!

Do your dogs wear Sirius Republic collars? And if not, what in the world are you waiting for?! Sirius Republic has graciously offered a discount code to our loyal readers. If you are ready to take the plunge and make your dogs the most stylish ones on the block, head on over to their website and enter this code to enjoy 10% off: AFMF10. Thank you SR! You guys rock 🙂 ALSO, please don’t forget to enter the LCPO rescue code (RPLC97). This will send 20% of the sales their way, helping troubled pups like our sweet Georgia peach!

Enjoy the weekend, friends!

5 thoughts on “Siriusly Fashionable

  1. I also coveted the awesome Sirius Republic collars long before it made it to my “” list. Abbie is a pittie mix that is very dark brown with only a little white on her chest and feet. Therefore i wanted something bright and girlie. I didn’t want anything too light, however, as she is also queen in rolling in something stinky that she found. I opted for the martingale in a cupcake print.

    I also went the extra mile and got her name embroidered on there and the little hook for her tags. I have heard horror stories of tags on the leash hook and then kenneled dogs getting tags caught in the kennel and seriously hurting themselves trying to get away (while tightening the collar). We are a “collars on all the time” sort of house in the off chance someone sneaks out the door.

    I love how it dresses up her dark coat and that it hangs nice and loose while she is lounging about. I have run it through the washing machine once and took a scrub brush and soap to it just the other day. It is holding up well, we have had it for 4 months or so.

    I hope to get another some day soon and may even opt for a pattern for the resident JRT now that his hair is growing in better around his neck (old collar wore it off) and get him out of his standard wear harness. I really wish i could get a foster version, but my fosters vary in size so much it is hard to predict.

    I can’t wait to see what you pick! I was REALLY close to getting the purple gingham.

  2. I love your choices! Georgia’s looks just like a top or something I would wear (paisely is my faaaavorite ever!) I’ve been meaning to upgrade my pups’ collars too, so this is perfect!

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