Let’s Play a Game…

It’s called; What’s in My Hand?

It’s no secret that being a pet photographer (like, a legitimate one. Not like what we try to do on here!) is no easy task. You can’t exactly just request that the animal look patiently into the camera with devotion! That’s why most of us who have a passion for pets and an interest in photography, have to have some tricks up our sleeves. We learn what elicits adorable expression from our pets, and we use it to our advantage!

We’ve talked on here a bit about what our dogs Favorite Things are. Our most devoted readers might know that each of our dogs is MOST motivated by a specific type of item, which is different for each of them!

So, in this series of pictures, we want you to guess, based on the pups’ expressions, what is in the hand of the photographer! (That would be me) Items used include food, toys, or just plain, old-fashioned attention.

There might be something special in it for you 😉 Bonus points if you can tell the black dogs apart!

A) DSC_0012

B) DSC_0006

C) DSC_0017

D) DSC_0068

E) DSC_0004

6 thoughts on “Let’s Play a Game…

  1. Hmmmm….is it….attention? That’s what I’m guessing. My dogs seem to almost lean in when there’s food offered :0)

    Bonus points to YOU for photographing your black dogs so well! Not easy to meter for those guys!


  2. I’m not quite sure what you’re holding in these photos, maybe a ball or treats. I’m horrible at this game!

    For Boomer and Dottie sometimes I will have treats in my hand when I try to get a photo, other times I yell out the names of their favorite things, cheese, car ride, snack, dinner, play time, etc.

  3. A) Treats B) An excited play voice – Gaige C) Ball – Tonka D) Ball again? – Gaige E) Treats again? – Gaige

    The only answer I have any confidence in is A but this was fun!

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