Less-Words Wednesday: Sharing is Caring!

Because, really, do you ever expect things to be entirely word-less around here??

We choose to feed our dogs in their kennels, in an effort to prevent resource-guarding issues before they start… but it seems like the girls were a bit confused this AM 😉 How do you prevent these issues, or how do you manage dogs who have already developed tendencies to guard toys or food or people?

photo 4

PS- Please do not judge our mess! We are remodeling the basement, which is where our dog kennels and food are usually kept. It’s made for a pretty cramped bed room! But stay tuned, we will share some photos of the upgrades in the weeks to come. It will be a new and improved dog room (and laundry room, but who cares about that??)

13 thoughts on “Less-Words Wednesday: Sharing is Caring!

  1. Good luck with the remodel! Last year we had our kitchen & living room done, yesterday we started on our main bathroom, ugh…

    We feed 3 of the dogs in crates. Doodle was starved by her previous owner and as a result was quite the guarder of food. At first she would still growl at the other dogs, even while in her crate. Interestingly giving her food last stopped that behavior.

  2. No resource guarding here – we’re lucky! Even so, we do feed the pooches in two different rooms: Tess in the kitchen and Edison in the first floor bathroom.

    Our photos have been the same lately. No remodels, but I’m painting and re-organizing the office so everything is pulled out into the living room!

  3. Oakley has begun to be quite a brat when it comes to toys and bones with the other two puppies in our house. I started putting her in “time out” (making her sit on my lap instead of playing with the other two) whenever she would bark or growl at the other pup and after about 2 weeks of that is finally more willing to share! or at least isn’t as aggressive about it but will instead just hide her things.. haha.

  4. I have three pits that I feed at the same time but at different corners of the dining room. I stand in the middle of the room while they eat so that none of them go to each others bowls while another is eating. They got used to this routine very fast. When I had my last foster, I had 4 dogs eating at the same time but at different corners of the room. When they are done they stand by their bowls and wait for everyone else to get done and then walk over to the other bowls and each takes turns licking the other bowls. It is quite comical to watch but my Catalina had guarding issues so I watch her very closely. She has gotten much better but I would never leave her alone w/ food / treats / toys with the other dogs “just in case”. Hope that helps!

  5. Luckily I’ve never had any guarding issues with Kaya & Norman and they often share and swap bowls mid-meal. But when Norman was a puppy he growled when the cat tried to steal his dinner. I said no and then he was always worried and walked away when the cat came near. I didn’t want that either so I put some chicken in his bowl and had them share. He’s never had an issue since:)

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