(For Real this Time) Wordless Wednesday



Gotcha! Come on now, you didn’t actually believe I could do it, did ya?? For the record, the photo above was not AT ALL staged. J was truly asleep after a long day at work and late night at the gym, and of course, one of the dogs just had to take advantage of the opportunity (ahem, Geege).

We still have a lot of cold and mud and snow around here. I am MAJORLY lacking in the creativity/inspiration department. Could you help a lady out?? Come on, share some wisdom… what topics should we discuss on the blog? Anything specific you’re just dying to know about our pack? What issues are you facing with your own dogs? SPILL. (please) Good dog reader 😉

7 thoughts on “(For Real this Time) Wordless Wednesday

  1. I gave one idea yesterday! But here are a few more (just don’t be surprised when you see a similar post from me one day bc I keep a list of ideas!)…best dogs for kids, how to stop begging, how to stop pulling on walks (different types of harnesses & what you recommend), dog fears (cars, men, being left alone), dog books you recommend 🙂

  2. Pulling on walks is a huge but common issue and one I need help with. I have tried many methods but haven’t found anything that works for my girl. It’s almost as if she knows what I want but is too stubborn to obey. I’ve tried the stop when she pulls and she comes back and sits right next to me but the moment we start walking again, the pulling starts. I would take me hours to get one block at that pace. In the winter, she loves walking on the snow banks. This stops the pulling quite a bit but with the snow melting, we’re back to the street/sidewalks and the pulling is awful. What makes matters worse is she’s very reactive on the leash to people, squirrels, dogs, and especially cats. A lot of people may have put her down by now but we’ve managed so far. She is very high energy and needs her walks but I would just love for them to be more enjoyable, not to mention stop the pain in my shoulders and knees! If you have any suggestions that isn’t one of the usual methods, please help! I live in a really small town and the nearest dog trainer is several hours away and they use leash jerking instead of positive methods. Not what I’m looking for. Thanks. :o)

  3. I have several suggestions for you:) The first is house training. Our latest addition Minnie, is not full house broken. We are crating her when we are at work or if my husband or I are not at home. It has gotten better, but we are still having some issues. We do the reward and lots of praise and as I said it has gotten better. One of the other issues we are having is with our girl Walker. We have noticed that her barking has increased a lot since we got Minnie. I think it is some jealousy, but we are looking for some ways to get some of the barking to stop. One other thing I would like some suggests with are having a dog that herds me down the hall or is always right under my feet. I am always telling her , “I can’t walk when you are walking on my shoes”. Thanks!

  4. I want to live vicariously though you and your good dogs lol, so I want you to do a CGC prep course with one of your pooches and talk about all the different tasks. And then put them on the LCPO website!

  5. A dog trainer once told me that female dogs naturally gravitate towards the daddy in the house, primarily following HIS commands more so than the mommy. So, I basically have to work harder in the training department so Taylor can understand that I, too, can be the “man” in the house! 😉 I was wondering if you have had a similiar observation with your babies. Thanks!

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