(Less-Words Wednesday) Cleaning With Dogs


I have to admit, this graphic perfectly sums up my life! I can’t count how many times I’ve started to clean our house, realized that resistance is futile, and resorted to cuddling/playing with the dogs instead! For us, the two biggest issues are lingering dog hair (I swear, it’s everywhere!) and muddy paws on the hard floor surfaces. The other problem is that no matter how many times I pick up the dog toys, they seem to find themselves scattered all over the house seconds later.

Our dogs know how to party... they make custom confetti!

Our dogs know how to party… they make custom confetti!

I try to put the dogs out from under foot when I’m cleaning, but most of the time, their faces remind me what a mean mommy I am!

How could you do this to us?

How could you do this to us?

Do you have issues with a messy house that you can blame on your dogs?

9 thoughts on “(Less-Words Wednesday) Cleaning With Dogs

  1. HAHA! That last photo is great! Luckily, our two don’t shed too much, so a daily Swiffer (we have almost all hardwood) keeps it in check. Our dirtiest area is the kitchen by the backdoor that leads to the yard – we wipe their paws with WetOnes (sensitive formula) before they come in. Our biggest problem area is the couch in the basement – we’re a “furniture allowed” house – our microfiber couch + dog hair = YIKES! But we have a nice vacuum funriture attachment for dog hair and we use a dry-cleaning sponge to spot clean dog drool. And yes, my BIGGEST issue is motivating myself to clean instead of playing with the pooches!

  2. FUR everywhere!!! Now that it is “spring” in NH my dogs are shedding. The shepherd/pit bull mix is worse than my collie/aussie mix which I always find weird…just bought a Dyson DC41 Animal from eBay for $320. Totally worth it!!!! I could vacuum for hours. Is that weird?

  3. haha totally agree! I pick up all of their toys, walk to get the broom, and by the time i’m back, they’ve thrown the toys all over the living room!

  4. I am SO GLAD to hear that someone else has a constant battle with dog hair. We have 2 dogs. Miss Walker is a shepherd/hound mix and Miss Minnie is an Australian cattle dog. We allow our girls on the furniture also. One of the best things we did was to buy a leather sofa! I could swiffer everyday and probably should, but that just doesn’t happen. As frustrated as I get with all the dog hair I wouldn’t trade them for the world:)

  5. There is always cleaning to be done! The dog hair is always there!! This is a constant struggle that we both have being that we like a clean and tidy house, BUT ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT THE hairy 4 legged pets!! It’s a constant stress-er for me thinking about the dog hair, but i just cleaned it and don’t want to do it again! 🙂
    Chris hates having dog hair stuck everywhere, in his shoes from his socks especially! lol

  6. I developed an allergy to Hurley last year so I have to say, our house is required to stay pretty clean to help my allergies. Except for right now. It’s not that clean. And yes, it’s definitely the dogs’ fault!

  7. I have found it always rains the day after I clean the house so that there are muddy paw prints all over my newly cleaned floors.
    I got those slippers that buff the floor and i wear them it the kitchen to help with the drinking/water drippage – it’s made a HUGE difference!

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