(Kinda, sorta, not really…) Wordless Wednesday


Don’t worry, we’re even comfier than we look!

If we fits, we sits... but always together.

If we fits, we sits… but always together.

Announcing the winners of our giveaway!

1) Little Bow Pup: Bow tie – Sandra S.

2) Yellow Brick Home: Paintings – (my girl crush) Morgan from Temporary Home, Permanent Love

3) Sirius Republic: Custom collar – Randi F.

4) Squishy Face: Toy Package – (Super sweet) Danielle from Mr. & Mrs. & Nola Kisses

5) Sew Olive: Custom Tags – Lynne S.

6) Tiennot Knits: Custom Sweater – Ellie W.

7) 2 Hounds Design: Collar, Harness, & Leash package – Aimee D.

8) {To be determined – prize package fell through} – Erin C.

9) Lulu Bug Jewelry: Smiling Pit necklace – Melissa L.

10) DawgArt: Paintings – Jessi K.

11) Poochie Heaven: Puzzle Toy – (Super Sleuth!) Hannah from Erie-sisti-Bull

Thank you ALL for contributing! If you made a donation or supplied a giveaway item, please expect a small surprise in your mailbox within the next few weeks. Your generosity means more than you know!

We also have some VERY exciting news to share with you all. We will be back later this week (Thursday or Friday) with the announcement. Expect it to be long-winded!

7 thoughts on “(Kinda, sorta, not really…) Wordless Wednesday

  1. You made me “lol” – we have girl crushes on each other! Ok, after all that snow, don’t you want to plan a summer trip to Florida?! I think you should…..!

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