Warming Up

I wish I could say that I am referring to the weather here in Pennsylvania, but in reality, there is still a lot of this…


and this…



and this…


Which has all resulted in a lot of this…


and this…


and this…


Wait… what?!

If you are very observant, you may notice that the last photo shows three… count them, THREE, pups all cuddled together indoors. If you are even more observant, you may have recognized that such a photo has never graced the pages of our humble blog! What must this mean??

The frigid temperatures have kept us largely indoors. Because of that, the dogs have been extra cuddley, and needed even more attention than usual. You may remember that while Georgia has been integrated with Tonka, the male, indoors for a while now, we have closely monitored her indoor interactions with our female, never letting them off-leash inside, unless closely monitored or behind respective baby gates. The nasty weather has relegated us indoors, and forced me to focus on proceeding with their integration. While working with them off-leash this past week, Gaige and Georgia both finally decided to break down their barriers… with a BANG! Not only were they interacting indoors, but they were playing, cuddling, wrestling, and even sharing toys! We could not be more impressed or surprised by this sudden transformation.

Every pittie's favorite game: bitey-face

Every pittie’s favorite game: bitey-face

The swiftness of their friendship had us scratching our heads a bit, so we were cautious to take things slowly at first… they still were never together while unsupervised, and still required some direction from the two-leggeds. However, after a solid week of playing and cuddling and learning one another’s limits, with no arguments in sight, we think it is safe to say that they are total BFFs.

All four of our "dogs" waiting (patiently?) to go outside.

All four of our “dogs” waiting (patiently?) to go outside.

You can check out a funny video of the girls here. This was the very day, the very minute, that they decided that playtime was a better option than being constantly separated. Therefore, you can hear the surprise (anxiety?) in my voice. Please ignore my excessive verbal input, but enjoy their friendship. They are now absolutely inseparable… can anyone imagine how this has Georgia’s foster parents feeling?! Ugh… let’s just say, the idea of giving up our baby girl gets more bittersweet with each passing day!

8 thoughts on “Warming Up

  1. amazing news!! it does make it harder when you see them integrate so well into your home life, but just think what a happy ending she will have, all because of your patience & hard work with her! 🙂

  2. Yay! That is so great. One thing we really need to figure out before our next foster is how to separate the house for each dog. We have been really lucky that our previous two fosters got along with Nola very fast, after only one day of separation. But, in hindsight, I think we went TOO fast. We didn’t have issues, but I see where a slower introduction would be much better. I am so glad that your pups are all integrated. Can’t wait to see more three-dog-snuggle photos!

  3. I think its wondeful that as a foster you didn’t give up on Georgia simply because they couldn’t all be together right away. I don’t know how you’ve been doing it for so long! You’re amazing. My dogs are so great with other dogs that we’ve only once had to do separation like that. Our house doesn’t work well for it though so i’m grateful that my boys let pretty much anyone in. I’m so glad that they are all getting along now. I understand your pain though. We have had a couple fosters that really THRIVED being with our dogs and I always felt like a terrible person making them go somewhere else. The happy endings are worth it tho! And you wont hurt so much after you get another foster and realize that you’re doing something amazing for greater good.

  4. Awesome news about Georgia! Well done, Mommy and Daddy! And thank you so much for posting your adorable video! This is actually a great teaching tool for me as I am still not fully educated as to what is “play” versus “aggression”.

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