Holiday Blues

Woo! It has been almost a month since we have updated this blog. Not that there are any excuses that are really acceptable, but we have had some family emergencies, health scares, and travel plans that have set our household into a tizzy. I have made an effort to keep updating our facebook page whenever possible, so feel free to head over there for more regular news.

As always, Georgia has maintained her low-maintenance attitude, flowing easily from one activity to the next, and was equally happy to cuddle our sickies away as she was to play outside in the snow.

She makes a great pillow!

She makes a great pillow!

Just hanging out

Just hanging out

This month served as the first time Georgia really had an opportunity to meet lots of new people, and deal with strangers in the house. You may remember that we have been working on Georgia’s introductions to people, as she has some tendency to jump. Because of this, I was a little bit nervous. I wanted to be sure that everyone who met our girl, walked away with a true impression of her personality and heart. The last thing I wanted was for her to be a poor ambassador of the breed, to some individuals that had never met a bully breed in person before!

Joining the guys to play cards

Joining the guys to play cards

I couldn’t have been more needlessly concerned. Georgia absolutely blew me away with her fabulous manners with new people in the house. I am not sure if she understood the differences, and was on her best behavior, or if she is just growing up, but we were so proud of our girl. She greeted guests with little to no jumping, and once everyone entered the house, she found a quiet spot to lay down and chew her toys. She would get up occasionally to find someone who might want to rub her tummy or caress her ears, but she stayed out from underfoot, and acted like a seasoned professional doggy greeter. To her, guests in the house were not much different from her family in the house, and so her behavior was much the same as when it’s just the five of us. She was calm, cool, and collected. I hate to say it, but she was honestly about 1,000 times better than our own perma-dogs, whom I would consider to be Very Good Dogs. If her behavior was better than theirs, what does that make her? I’m not sure, but at the very least, let’s hope it makes her a Very Adoptable Dog. 😉

Kisses for one of our dog-loving guests!

Kisses for one of our dog-loving guests!

The next month will prove to be almost as hectic as the last. Georgia has two interested applicants, and we are crossing our fingers that one turns out to be her perfect family! She will also be starting obedience classes next week. I am especially excited for these, as I hope it will help to increase her confidence around other dogs, and give us an opportunity to meet some new people!

We hope that the holidays were good to all of you. Thank you for understanding our absence, and sticking with us anyways! Please wish us luck in the coming adventures. Also, we have printed some fun “Adopt Me!” flyers and cards to hang locally. If you would be interested in helping our cause by hanging some in local businesses, we would greatly appreciate it!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Blues

  1. I, too, and very excited that Georgia will soon be interviewing potential families! Thanks for including us on her journey.

  2. So happy she did so well over the holidays, and it seems like she’s doing great overall!!! I can’t wait for updates during her classes, I bet she’ll be an A+ student:)

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