Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Today we will entertain a question from one of our littlest fans! Her name is Lilly, and she is the most endearing and precocious two-year-old, whose mama runs the touching blog, The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood.

Apparently, Miss Lilly was fascinated by the pictures of our pooches. Her lingering question… where do all of the puppies sleep at night? I realized that perhaps some of our (bigger) readers, might have some of the same questions.

Tonka’s preferred sleeping location

Perhaps we should begin with where our two perma-dogs, Tonka & Gaige, are supposed to sleep… in their Tempur-pedic (yes, don’t judge!) beds at the foot of our own. But, more often than not, I awaken in the middle of the night to two LARGE dogs laying on top of my legs, stomach, head, etc. Until recently, I blamed the two little scoundrels for their disobedience. Little did I know, that Foster Dad (previously Mr. No-Dogs-in-the-House) felt guilty, and was inviting them into the bed! What a sneak sap!

And Gaige’s preferred sleeping position…

As far as Miss Georgia, oftentimes the most obedient of my FOUR (hehe)… we have chosen to have her sleep in her kennel, which is in her own room. This was in an effort to: 1) Keep all three dogs safe when unsupervised overnight, since we haven’t yet completed their introductions


2) Make her more adaptable to most families that might choose to adopt her. While Georgia is used to sleeping on her own, and happy to be in her kennel, I am confident that she would adapt quite well to being allowed to sleep with her people.

My favorite picture of Gia, to date

Thank you to Miss Lilly for the great question… anything else out there that our readers are just dying to know about Miss Georgia, or the rest of the five?!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I would say, full of lots of playtime and walks, but Georgia told me tell you that she hopes your weekend is full of lots of cuddles and naps! I know her’s will be. 😉

{She is cuddled up on the bed beside me, with the cat, as we speak!}

If you think you might know someone who would be interested in adopting our sweet girl Georgia, please share her story! Any questions about Georgia or the adoption process can be directed to me (Stephanie!) at sel1490@gmail.com.

6 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

  1. It’s always the guys that end up being the saps, isn’t it. My ex was away when I got my Dalmatian rescue and he had always said “dogs should be outside”. I was horrified. In an attempt to ensure he would let her stay inside, I made her sleep in the kitchen. She hated it. When he got back a few days later (with me having had no sleep at all!!) he immediately invited the dog, not only into the bedroom but onto the bed – where she remained, every night, for the rest of her life! 😀

  2. Mom sometimes regrets not letting us doggies on the furniture or in bed but the cats take up enough bed space she says. My sister prefers to keep watch by the door downstairs anyway and I am happily snuggled into my cuddle bed right next to mom’s spot in her bed. Mainly, now that she knows more about pets she is happy that we aren’t jumping up and down as it would be hard on my long back or my sister’s arthritic joints.

  3. Our dogs sleep in many places, especially in summer when it is cooler outside than it is inside. I’d prefer to have the dogs sleep on their own beds but it just hasn’t worked out that way, Bundy likes to sleep on or next to our bed and Maxi likes to sleep on Bundy’s bed – it is a bit like musical chairs. My husband complains about Bundy being on the bed, but hates moving him off it and I often find them snuggling in the morning 🙂

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