Must Love Dogs

We have all heard the urban legend of the stunningly ideal ‘catch’ of a woman; beauty, brains, compassion, ambition, all in one package (no, I’m not describing myself!) This woman may complain that sometimes she is not approached by men, because they are intimidated by her perfection.

You are pawsitively beautiful.

After talking with Foster Dad, we think that this just might be what is going on with our precious little Georgia girl as she searches for her forever family. The dating world can be daunting, and while she has had a few casual suitors, there have been no potential matches that Foster Dad could entertain for devoted interest. That is to say, they must not have had the purest of intentions with our little lady. Or, maybe it is just that she has so many fabulous qualities, that they assume she will be scooped up by another family?

So, let’s break the illusion; while we know Georgia would make someone a fabulous four-legged family member, she is not perfect! There, we said it. And we would love your help as we improve her obedience training in order to make her even more adoptable!

When Georgia is comfortable in her environment, she is a very relaxed and low-key dog. However, when introduced to new situations or new people, she gets nervous. One way she displays this behavior is by jumping up on people when she meets them. She is full of love and kisses, but a large pit bull jumping up at someone with their mouth wide open is not everyone’s idea of a great first date!

We would like to enroll Georgia in some obedience classes in order to increase her confidence, which we think will go a long way towards helping her with this issue. But, we want to know; what challenges have you faced when training your dogs, foster or otherwise? Maybe you’ve had the same issue, or maybe it is a different one. How did you overcome it? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue we are facing with Miss Gia.


If you think you might know someone who would be interested in adopting our sweet girl Georgia, please share her story! Any questions about Georgia or the adoption process can be directed to me (Stephanie!) at

6 thoughts on “Must Love Dogs

  1. My current foster was absolutely terrified of the world, especially men. To help overcome this, I’ve been giving her as many new experiences as I can so that when they end on a positive note it builds her confidence. I have also had lots of my guy friends come over for short periods of time which has gone a long way in helping her learn that men actually aren’t bad at all. In fact, she has improved SO much that now my fiance can pick her and cuddle her on his chest which is huge since at first she would barely even let him touch her. Oh, and obedience classes! Those work miracles in building confidence. Sounds like you guys are doing great with her! Good luck and I’ll keep y’all in my prayers!

  2. Georgia looks absolutely gorgeous! So sad when they have not had enough socialisation early so they can more easily deal with new things. Only thing that has helped me is constant attempts at small doses of socialisation in as many environments as possible. Wishing all the luck!

  3. Ooooh where do I start…Cooper has had a myriad of issues since we picked him up nine (!!!) months ago. So far, we’ve overcome potty training and separation anxiety, and have made amazing strides towards his nervousness around other dogs. With Coop, his nerves manifest as barking and lunging, which can be percieved as agression – not exactly making him an ambassador for pit bull type dogs. Progress has been slow, but at least it’s progress. Hang in there and keep on truckin’, it sounds like you’re doing GREAT with her and trust me – when you see progress, it’s the most rewarding feeling in the world!! πŸ™‚

  4. Since adopting Athena we have been working to overcome a few handfuls of issues. Some of them have been curbed for the time being (no more leash biting, no more jumping up on us and biting while we sit on the couch/chairs, no more out of control bitey zoomies in the house, she can now have toys out to play with in the house, no more barking and trying to get out of the crate, etc.)

    We are still working on her fear of some people (which we originally thought was only a fear of men), walking politely on leash is always something we work on, appropriate dod-dog play (Athena is very rowdy and some grumpy dogs don’t like that), jumping up on us (she doesn’t jump up on new people, just the ones that she knows well), etc.

    I think that obedience classes have worked wonders for us. We completed basic obedience at Petco and are now enrolled in another obedience class with a stellar trainer. Both classes have given Athena and us the confidence we need. Since completing our first obedience class we saw a HUGE change in Athena’s behavior. We are hoping that this new class will provide more awesome results!

  5. I had so many issues with Kaya at first, mostly due to excitement. Jumping up on people was one of the hardest. I tried to get her to sit and stay sitting for each greeting. If she did jump up, I make her down and stay for a short time. Since she got really good at “off” after she’d jump on them she took to bouncing off people before I’d say it:/ She’s much better now. A huge turnaround was when she really got into her ball and fetch so now she has a lot more respect for me, aka: the lady who throws the ball over and over, haha.

    Shaka was really shy with new people. She was much more comfortable with my dogs around so I tried to take her to as many places as possible with at least 1 of them also. If greetings make Georgia uncomfortable maybe tell people she is in training so they don’t pet her. That way she can get used to people and places without being invaded.

    I bet obedience class would be awesome for her!

  6. Obedience class will be great for all involved and time and patience is what will make the difference, if the potential suitors don’t have either then I wouldn’t be letting that gorgeous girl out of my sight πŸ™‚

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