Georgia: The Ultimate Snugglebuddy

If you have been following our blog for very long at all, it is no secret that Georgia is a pretty low-maintenance dog. She does not have a very high requirement for exercise, and is happy to just follow you around at a leisurely pace, whether inside or out. While she has made a great jogging partner for me, and can be prompted for a rough afternoon romp, she is not a dog that you will need to find time to exercise in order to keep her mellow. Because of that, we think that Georgia would make a great addition to a busy family, or perhaps an animal-loving college student with a full plate.

While we can assure you that in many areas, Georgia is quite content to ‘go with the flow,’ there is one category that is an essential fulfillment; Georgia needs her human to engage in regular cuddle time. See the photographic evidence below…

Settling for a non-human cuddling companion

Don’t worry, no gender discrimination here!

That look of adoration…

I would include more from last night’s cuddle session… but unfortunately I made a horrible wardrobe choice that was not evident to me until reviewing the photos. Apparently my snowflake pajama pants are not as adorable as I had originally thought, and therefore they cannot be internet appropriate… for the sake of my reputation, people. I am dedicated to finding Georgia a home, but there are some things any self-respecting woman just wouldn’t do. So here are a few, sans-snowflakes. (But not sans-pants!)





*Please excuse the poor quality of the iPhone photos!*

If you think you might know someone who would be interested in adopting our sweet girl Georgia, please share her story! Any questions about Georgia or the adoption process can be directed to me (Stephanie!) at

9 thoughts on “Georgia: The Ultimate Snugglebuddy

  1. She is so stinkin’ cute!

    I seem to always make a horrible wardrobe choice when we decide to document something for the blog. That’s why I’m usually not in many of the photos! I’m glad I’m not the only one who has these mishaps though =)

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