Oh folks… we are in BIG trouble. If you in any way have felt the calling to foster a dog, but just aren’t sure the timing is right for you… well then you had better stop reading now. Because Miss Georgia is in the house, and she’s about to show us all how this finding a forever home thing is done!

I picked up Georgia yesterday in the State College area. She snoozed quietly in the back during the entire ride. When we finally arrived, she gracefully explored the outdoor area, and then came inside to do some sniffing around. I took her back to her ‘room’ and she made herself right at home… playing with the toys, lounging on her bed, and sipping from her water bowl.

Foster Dad left work early to come meet our little house guest.Ā I was concerned that she had not been subjected to men much, and might be fearful of him. She instantly put my worries to rest by licking him from head to foot! She became immediately attached to J, following him everywhere and refusing to leave his side. They played and cuddled, and it almost seemed as though I would be losing my foster project! Just kidding, but they really did love each other instantly.

Mid yawn

Tummy rubs are her favorite

Georgia had a brief encounter with our nephew, JJ, yesterday as well. While we did not want to put either of them in a stressful position by introducing her to a pre-schooler on her first day here, from a short distance, it was immediately evident that Miss Georgia has a love for kids. She sat patiently, with a wiggle-waggling tail and booty, while JJ stood nearby. She seemed so sad that she was not allowed to snuggle up to him for some cuddle-time!

Georgia slept quietly through the night in her crate, and seems to be entirely house-broken. She walks well on a leash… although her body size would suggest otherwise, she doesn’t pull much or get overly excited to go outdoors. She seems to have no issues with guarding her food, bed or toys. While she is curious and aware that there are other dogs in the house, she is not overly concerned with their presence. If you recall, we will be doing the two week de-stress period with her, before we introduce her to Tonka & Gaige.

Georgia seems just as happy to snooze the day away as she is to play outside. She really is just the most happy go lucky dog that I’ve met.

Professional napper

We plan to work on some obedience training with her, but Georgia seems to have some of the basics down! Don’t tell her I said this, but she will also be going on a little bit of a diet, to help her be at her best to find a home.

We are realistic in knowing that we will most likely face challenges with Georgia, but have been so impressed with her behavior thus far. She seems like the type of dog that will integrate seamlessly into most any loving home. Someone is going to be SO lucky to have her join their family.

7 thoughts on “Trouble…

  1. It looks like Georgia hit the jackpot! I have such a warm heart reading your blog…and I already love your husband without ever meeting him. The two of you are a wonderful testament for young people…xoxo

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