Fall into Fostering

Hello! Happy almost-weekend. Did anyone else wake up this morning, and suddenly feel like they’d fallen into fall?! I certainly did, as the following photos will attest. As autumn is my favorite season, there are no complaints from me! Fall boasts the perfect weather to enjoy the outdoors with your pups.

Tonka James, ever the dashing gentleman!

Gaige’s turn…

Vicious pitbull!

Daring you to steal her toy

They share well!

Run Tonka, run!

Gaige loves to steal from the fire pit

Best friends, always πŸ™‚

While this may not be the excitement you were hoping for, I do have some good news. Drum roll, please! ….. We have found our foster! I will bring you all the background on our special pup with the next blog post. Please tune in then!

4 thoughts on “Fall into Fostering

  1. I see you live in Freeport, PA. Bill’s grandparents lived on a farm on Horseshoe Drive in Freeport…until the mid 90’s…

  2. My dogs love stealing things out of the firepit as well. I catch them all the time so now they try to hide, however they forget that they are larger than the tree or rock they hide behind.

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