If you are an animal lover, and especially a dog lover… or, more specifically, a lover of all things pibble, then you’ve probably heard the latest about PETA’s anti-pit bull position. If you haven’t, then I strongly urge you to head on over here, for the full story. It was published by Stubby Dog, a non-profit organization that ‘is focused on changing the public perceptions of pit bulls’. How cool is that?

If you’d rather just read my Cliff Notes version of the PETA vs Pit Bull face-off, please see below:

  • In 2009, when the gruesome details of a dog-fighting ring funded and controlled by NFL superstar Michael Vick were released, PETA announced plans to collaborate with him as their anti-dog fighting spokesperson. Might I remind you, Vick never released statements of sentimentality or sympathy towards the dogs he neglected, starved, and brutally tortured. He did, however, apologize to his fans, family, teammates, and the NFL for ruining their associations and his own reputation. He apologized for what he did, but was consistently featured in media reports for justifying his actions, blatantly lying about his involvement, and laying blame on others. He never cared about the dogs whose lives he ruined and ended. However, PETA thought he had served his time, and that Michael Vick deserved a fresh start. You can read more about Vick’s victims via the New York Times Best Selling book, “The Lost Dogs” but Jim Goran.
  • PETA sponsors their own ‘shelter’ in the Virginia area. Their adoption rate? In 2008, it was 5%. No, that is no typo. The ‘shelter’ euthanizes approximately 95% of the dogs that come in to their facility. PETA’s true policy is that 100% of ‘pit bulls’ that come into their doors are euthanized. They do not even attempt to find these animals suitable homes or foster situations.
  • Recently, the buzz in many counties in Maryland has been about Breed-Specific Legislation. In recent hearings on the subject, PETA, who are said to defend the ethical treatment of all animals, was present… on the side of the proposed legislation, which was enacted. PETA believes that Pit Bulls should be outlawed.
  • In the letter from PETA, they state, without any supporting data or factual figures, “people who have good intentions rarely come to a shelter to adopt pit bulls; almost without exception, those who want pit bulls are attracted to the “macho” image of the breed as a living weapon and seek to play up this image by putting the animals in heavy chains, taunting them into aggression, and leaving them outside in all weather extremes in order to “toughen” them.” I guess you’re right, PETA. Our dogs are pretty vicious, and we probably should keep them in better living conditions…

This image courtesy of one of our favorite blogs, Love and a six-foot Leash. Check them out!

The problem with these positions?

  1. The term ‘pit bull’ is widely misunderstood. Many dogs are mis-labeled as pit bulls, when in fact, they are not. Are those in favor of Breed-Specific Legislation, proposing genetic testing for all dogs that have similar physical traits? If so, who is responsible for the funding of said testing? And if not, who serves to label the dogs as being Pit Bull or not… who would be qualified for such a position?
  2. Enacting this legislation is not harming the delinquents, the people who own dogs for illegal purposes. These people will continue to display disregard for law enforcement. Unfortunately, it will hurt the families with loyal pets, who will be forced to relocate or give up their 4-legged family members.
  3. Many people who seek out the pit bull do so because of their enviable positive traits; their quick-learning nature, their need to please their human counterparts, and their affinity for cuddling and love. The other reason so many of us are champions of the breed? Because the misconceptions that organizations like PETA perpetuate, are contributing to an epidemic of family pets that are without loving homes. Don’t believe me? Talk to my friend Francine, who has trained her pit bull Rocket as a therapy dog. Or, visit any of the blogs we list here, to see the amazing work they do in defense of these wonderful animals.

Note: I promise that this space will consistently cover the happier side of what we do, but I felt that I would be neglecting the opportunity if I did not share PETA’s stance with all of you.


In brighter news, we still anxiously await our home visit from the rescue that holds our foster, but in the mean time, we spent some time exploring the farm with our pups last night. We took a leisurely quad ride back to the pond, with Tonka & Gaige blazing the trail ahead. Here’s a photo of them, with the quad in the background, resting under the shade of an oak tree at the top of the hill. It is one of the highest points in the surrounding area, and the view is spectacular.

Please stop by tomorrow, for your daily dose of cuteness! (Actually, maybe you shouldn’t. You might overdose…) I plan to highlight adoptable foster dogs in every post, until we get our own special pittie. I know you’ll adore tomorrow’s precious pooch, and I know the family he or she is currently placed with, would really appreciate you sharing the love.

Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Misconceptions

  1. PETA’s stance is ridiculous and irrational! What on earth makes them believe for one moment that eradicating a breed of dog will in any way stop depraved human beings from turning to another breed and creating the same deplorable situation. If you selectively breed Labrador Retrievers for aggression, you’ll get a slew of nasty Labs.

    • We couldn’t agree more! It is just so sad that so many people depend on PETA for reliable and unbiased protection of animals. If only people did more research before they decided which organizations to support. There are dogs of any and every breed at both ends of the spectrum. I am not denying that there have been some pit bulls that have done bad things. However, I do deny that this has occurred in this breed in a larger percentage than in many other popular breeds, and that it wasn’t at least amplified by negligence by owners, in many cases. Thanks for the support!

  2. Thank you for clarifying PETA’s stance regarding pit bulls. Where do they stand on Bull Mastiff’s, Dobermans, Chow Chows, and the other so called “dangerous breeds?, which I might add includes German Shepherds? In the past, I have wanted to support PETA financially and was not able to…now I’m glad I didn’t. What other issues are they so radically wrong on?

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